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  1. Ordered from them before. Standard delivery times from HK. Very helpful and responsive to emails. tl;dr Nothing to worry about go ahead ordering from them.
  2. Make: KWA/ASG Gun/Model: MP9 Accessories: One magazine included, power up suppressor and tools (NPAS and hop adjusters) and Viper triple drop leg mag pouch Condition: Used - fires perfectly looks good FPS: 310 with 0.2s using power up suppressor (Can be adjusted using npas, tool is included, power up suppressor is not included) Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Would take HPA Stuff or a real steel TLR Price/Payment: £150 ono. Less if you can collect from Stirling. Pictures: Selling to fund my m4 build. Has an NPAS installed so you can adjust the fps to whatever you want with the tool included. FG Nozzle which gives great gas efficiency. Great SMG package for anybody new experienced or just looking for something new; crazy rate of fire, Good accuracy, very good gas efficiency (I got two and a half mags from one fill outdoor on a cold Scottish night) and really loud. All round fun gun.
  3. G&G GC16 Predator Just need to buy the hpa setup
  4. Hopefully. A lvoa style m4 (predator). Wolverine inferno setup and if I'm very lucky the speedqb molle-culle belt.
  5. What are lonex bbs like?

  6. Not sure really. What defence is it?
  7. Yes they do. Make sure your UKARA is somewhere on the box (Easy way to do this is put it in the company part of your address). Also make sure you add on vat and import duty although they might not declare the prices as high as they are to customs.
  8. Same gun:
  9. For anyone interested:
  10. They have a sale on. Can get pistols for £20!
  11. Just to confirm that there is no import/duty for imported goods within the EU (Buying from gunfire).
  12. Anyone know of a shop with a hicapa gold match on sale?
  13. Just got it today love it already. So loud and full auto is like a laser beam.
  14. Make: Any Item: One point Sling Desired Condition: Not broken Swaps/Part Exchange: nope Budget: about £10
  15. A tw*t hoody for my old man. Yes he's mocking you...