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  1. hmmmm... no
  2. Anybody on here booked in at the depot for the 4th of March?

  3. So does the dye if you're coooool #mirroredlensesatnightgamesfolyfe
  4. Welp. My wolverine inferno has became devoid of life for some reason...

  5. Well I'm a chairsofter mostly due to rugby eating up my free Sundays so tinkering is how I keep myself engaged in the sport. Saving up for a hicapa to tinker with.
  6. Search up slide shorts pretty sure they have s nice pad over the vitals...
  7. Also means you're less likely to feel it. I know for a fact if someone clipped the bauble on top of my beany I wouldn't know.
  8. Next forum meetup we should have a fight club in the safe zone if I’m honest.
  9. That's what emojis are for
  10. Spoken to Trigger a few times. Obviously a good guy he just tells it straight and blunt which people can't deal with nowadays apparently...
  11. Already seen that vid over my summer holidays I might try link up with some of the SCA guys. Shots from an invisible @ImTriggerHappy at 16:40 haha
  12. Good read. It's not as hard as you think it is. Considering saving up for a hicapa race build or a stubby dsg m4 as a loaner.
  13. DSG, decent gears and a decent motor can be had for well under £100 then chuck in some sort of microswitch trigger then you're set. If it works it works @Duff
  14. My kneepads were £6 from sports direct where does the cost come from?
  15. Were you there when SCA and the VSS boys visited the mall? Wish I could of been there.