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  1. After playing alongside rogerborg I only have one thing to say. Can someone please confiscate this mans bfg?

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    2. Aengus


      He killed himself with it. I revived him then carries to chuck another one in the same place. Failed that and killed us both haha

    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck



      I do not suck at this peew peew malarky

      (well not quite as much as some others)

    4. Rogerborg


      Reporting as abusive!

      True though.  Look, I was sure that 2nd one was going to bounce to the left. :rolleyes:

  2. Whilst I would say it’s not effective at all I can see why it exists and what it was trying to achieve and I would hope you do to.
  3. I was expecting an American speedsofter not an angry 12 year old to be honest. If you’re not mature enough to understand why these laws are here then you’re obviously not quite matured enough for airsoft as a whole.
  4. Writing English essays :( Sunday can't come soon enough.

  5. After a minute I personally don't notice the difference even in the bottom floor.
  6. I have some heroshark goggles you can have a look at on Sunday aha
  7. S14? GOALS
  8. bump nobody???
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    2. Aengus


      Yeah I noticed that when I used some nuprol gas it’s literally wet inside your gum after using it :(

    3. Marc.RG1


      Yeah same here, I have had a couple of bottles that was not as oily as others but that's nuprol for you no real consistency, their bbs are the same lol. 

    4. Aengus


      Only ever used their bb's a year or two ago shooting in my room and decided to not use them in a game. They were smashing into little pieces left right and centre and not to mention the air bubbles inside all of them.

  9. Since when is there tan tm recoils???
  10. Trigger I f*cking love you hahaha
  11. bump anybody? Will order them this saturday if nobody has any.
  12. bump nobody have any spare?
  13. Cheapest place to get TM M&P9 magazines?
  14. Went airsofting a week or two ago with my dad and now I already have him lined up for October using one of my pistols haha. (He doesn't want to admit it but I think he's hooked)

    1. Jedi_Master


      Then when he is hooked, he can get membership and UKARA... and if he later loses interest then you may get some extra guns :)

    2. Aengus


      you know it ;)