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  1. would love for santa to bring me a KWA Kriss Vector, but that's not going to be for a while possibly next Christmas
  2. only thing I bought when I first started was a full face mask, as I didn't really want use the ones on site that smell/had other people sweating in (hygiene point) other then that as above rent the gear. Places i'd recommend for Hampshire sites are the two I go to regularly which is South Coast CQB (that's at lee-on Solent) and UCAP Bunker just outside of Portsmouth, quite dark though as its an old WW2 bunker so I would take a torch for that one.
  3. just using internet explorer still doesn't like it AVG flags it up and the webpage just says page can not be displayed.
  4. this is going to sound like a noob question (know basically nothing about Cerakote) is it just single solid colour that can be done? or can these people use cerakote to make patterns?
  5. I still can't access zeroin via my laptop computer still thinks its a threat
  6. can custom make foam to fit your current gun case, could be a lot cheaper then buying a new case plus you can make the foam thicker so it cant move around and is pressed in place once the case is closed.
  7. is the hop wound off? or have you tired it with the hop wound off? as above its defiantly worth trying a different and well known brand of bb's.
  8. Got £160 to spend (I can add more money for the right weapon) looking for something CQB friendly not an M4 though as I already have one, im open to rifles, shotguns or even a good pistol package (all can be either electric or gas) try me needs to be working and be 350fps or below, I have a valid defence and will supply details with the seller. thanks Joe.
  9. thanks but I've bought one now admin this can be locked now thank you
  10. looking for a sprig shotgun preferably a full stock version, if its close to Southampton I can even collect
  11. gbb or electric sorry should have put that yeah it is abit vague but im interested to see what people recommend
  12. basically in the next year or so I'll be getting a new car and selling my old one which means I should have around £500 to get a new gun, but I'm so unsure what make or model I would get. so my question to you lovely people is what would you get for around £500 that's either new or second hand?
  13. think I might invest in one then I am planning on getting a go pro seasons too as a look back camera on the gun or even attempt to use it as a third person camera
  14. I have seen these but I haven't heard much about them as to weather they are any good all good ideas was thinking the go pro headband but if it can give quiet bouncy play back its not what I really want, tempted by a shoulder mount like I've seen Novritch but I think a go pro would be abit to big to use as his one looked pretty small
  15. so I recently got my self a go pro hero 4 silver, I don't run a helmet I run a simple cap my question is how do people set up there go pro''s? I'm not looking to do a YouTube channel, i just simply want to record my games to review back over and do some simple editing and share them amoung friends