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  1. thanks but I've bought one now admin this can be locked now thank you
  2. SOLD
  3. Make: G&G Gun/Model: soc 16 (short m14) Accessories: sling, mags, batteries and rail extension Condition: used FPS: unknown under 350 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: y/y/n Price/Payment: £160 ono Pictures: see below (more information past pictures) Here I have a g&g soc 16 (short m14) that is in good working order, got it as a swap however after using it in the garden a few times it's not quite what I thought I wanted, so it's up for sale or even trade (open to offers on trade worse I can say is no) I'm unsure on fps as I've not taken it to a site to play, however the previous owner did so I'm guessing it's less the 350fps (still has full auto) What you get is: The original box The rifle it's self (few cosmetic marks missing front sight) w/sling X3 high caps ( 1 doesn't work for some reason) X2 batteries A rail extension (m14 have a small rail very far forward of the rifle so this helps bring a scope closer) Looking for a sale of £160 ono (not including postage or fees) or a trade (open to offers on that) Would rather collection from Southampton due to the rifle being abit weighty but can post at buyers expense Any questions please feel free to message me
  4. looking for a sprig shotgun preferably a full stock version, if its close to Southampton I can even collect
  5. got a G&G soc 16 (m14) that im looking at possibly selling but would need posting as im in Southampton.
  6. Sold
  7. still here, would possibly take swaps for a shotgun bundle or just a shotgun and money my way, open to offers worst I can say is no.
  8. £170 ONO now.....
  9. Make: G&G Gun/Model: UMG Accessories: x2 high caps (x1 G&G x1 unknown) x2 low/mid caps (50 round) viper mag pouch. Condition: used FPS: 310/320 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/Maybe/N Price/Payment: £170 ONO Pictures: This UMG was my first gun, but for the last few months its just been my back up gun / lent to friends, great CQB gun. its comes with: the gun its self (has some wear marks its not brand new and is well used) x2 high cap mags (x1 G&G x1 unknown brand) and x2 mid/low caps both G&G (50rounds). viper double ump/p90 molle mag carrier. wired to deans, however one of the retaining plates (on one of the pins) on the deans connector broke off, it still works just could do with a new connector. it was shimmed and re-greased about 6 months ago and had a SHS piston head after the original broke. last time it was fired it read I believe 310/320fps on 0.2g bb's. price is £170 or nearest offer would much rather collection or I could even deliver it in person for fuel money, however I can post but at your expense.
  10. no longer up for swaps might be up for sale soon
  11. still here
  12. Make: G&G Gun/Model: UMP Accessories: 2x hi-cap mags (1x g&g 1x unknown brand) 2x mid-caps (both G&G seem hard to find, these aren't 50rd low caps) viper p90/ump mag pouch (not pictured) Condition: Good used FPS:300-320fps Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: anything cqb friendly had this gun a while now, great cqb gun with the collapsible stock. shimmed it not long ago, got an uprated anti reversal latch (cant remember the brand), m100 spring, shs piston head, everything else is standard. looking to swap it for something else cqb friendly would much rather swap face to face so as close to Southampton as possible (I can come to you or you come to me or even meet half way) any questions please feel free to message me. Only down side is that the deans connection could do with replacing does work as it is. Picture:
  13. gbb or electric sorry should have put that yeah it is abit vague but im interested to see what people recommend
  14. basically in the next year or so I'll be getting a new car and selling my old one which means I should have around £500 to get a new gun, but I'm so unsure what make or model I would get. so my question to you lovely people is what would you get for around £500 that's either new or second hand?