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  1. plus it's oem by vfc
  2. Make: Krytac Gun/Model: LMG Desired Condition: good Desired FPS: 350 Swaps/Part Exchange: i have a mk2 SPR with prometheus inner barrel willing to swap for Budget:
  3. Yeah that would be helpful. I've got mine to fit by making a hook so it fits like the g&g rail but it's not great.
  4. Ah right thanks. I sent it back and they fixed it for free. They said I had pulled through safety. So they fitted a different style of safety to fix it. By the way I'm thinking of getting a front rail for my mp5. Would a TM front rail fit my g&g mp5?
  5. I'm having problems with my fire selector. If I put it in safe and pull the trigger the switch will jump into semi and the gun will fire. Plus when I change firing modes it feels quite loose but still clicks into each position. Does anyone who what it could be? I've only skermished with gun a couple of times