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  1. umarex M9A3 with 3 CO2 Mags

    Make: umarex Gun/Model: M9A3 Accessories: 3 mags and Nuprol holster Condition: nearly new FPS: 350 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n/n Price/Payment: £150 Pictures: used once prefer my PX4. Got a good kick when firing
  2. Trigger issues with g&g rk74 etu

    Used my g&g rk74 for the first time yesterday and noticed it fire fine on semi auto but when I switch it to full auto (without 3round burst activated) it would fire a couple of shots then stop. The only way I could get it to fire full auto was to press the trigger very lightly until I hear the switch click on the etu. Normal trigger pulls and it would be speratic. Thought it might be the battery but it's the same on 7.4v and 11.1v lipo
  3. G&g mp5 sector switch problems

    Yeah that would be helpful. I've got mine to fit by making a hook so it fits like the g&g rail but it's not great.
  4. G&g mp5 sector switch problems

    Ah right thanks. I sent it back and they fixed it for free. They said I had pulled through safety. So they fitted a different style of safety to fix it. By the way I'm thinking of getting a front rail for my mp5. Would a TM front rail fit my g&g mp5?
  5. G&g mp5 sector switch problems

    I'm having problems with my fire selector. If I put it in safe and pull the trigger the switch will jump into semi and the gun will fire. Plus when I change firing modes it feels quite loose but still clicks into each position. Does anyone who what it could be? I've only skermished with gun a couple of times