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  1. SOLD Mods please close
  2. Bump and price Drop to £120, this is the last price drop for this gun, i will NOT go lower so don't ask. If it doesn't sell i'll just keep it. Many people have asked so far Is this System 7? Yes it is, box says so What do i get? You get the M93R, 3 x Mags and 3 x HPA Valves, Box, manuals and fiddly tools (see pics) What don't i get? No Gas, No BBs (the Japanese Spec ones are gone)
  3. SOLD Elsewhere, Mods please close
  4. SOLD Elsewhere, Mods please close
  5. SOLD Elsewhere, Mods please close
  6. SOLD Elsewhere, MODS please close
  7. bump
  8. Bump and price drop to £135
  9. On a side note what would you guys think is better? G&P Standard hop up chamber or the M4 Prowin one? I have hear raving reviews about the ProWin but when i installed it in my HPA M4 i had a few feeding issues and the adjustment dial kept slipping which meant i had to keep readjusting it.
  10. Accessory/Make: Contour Roam Picatinny Rail mount Condition: New (BNIB) Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No x 3 Price/Payment: £20 all in Location: North East London (Leyton) Pictures: For Sale is a brand new in the box Contour Roam Picatinny Rail mount This mount is made for the Contour ROAM series of cameras which is all the cameras made by Contour with ROAM in its name. You basically screw it onto to the picatinny rail with the provide thumb screw and slide your camera on, that’s it. Well made very sturdy and holds the camera firm, no wobble etc. These are very hard to find at the moment in the UK as far as I am aware and just one unit retails for around £30 at most places I have seen. The one on sale has never been removed from its box, ever and so is still brand new Reason for sale is that I bought two of these things with the intent of mounting one to each of my guns but found that I only needed one and so this is now for sale. Item will be shipped via Royal Mail 2nd Class Recorded Delivery N.B: I normally check the forums daily but work shifts so you might get a reply in several minutes or several hours later.
  11. Bump and price drop to £140
  12. bump
  13. bump
  14. If money were no object i would go for a GHK AK 74MN GBBR with all the TWI Zentico bit added to make the AK more Tacticool, i would probably end up costing over £800 to 900 pounds.