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  1. SOLD MODs Please Close
  2. Bump and price drop to £115
  3. Whilst GBBRs are great and whilst Propane is readily available personally i find using HPA far more economical, £10 at most (normally cheaper) to fill a 12ltr 300Bar scuba tank, i fill it up once every 6 months or there about. Not to mention that HPA is far more consistant than Green Gas or Propane as there is no pressure drop. Only downside is that the initial outlay cost is expensive, a scuba tank will set you back about £175, HPA tank around £40 for a cheap 48/3000 tank, regulator and line around £140 and of course the taps for each mag. But once setup the running costs are cheap and if you already have a polarstar system then you're laughing (i run HPA only so its good for me). Also alot of people dont like having the line running from the tank to the gun, but then again people dont mind having a sling attached to the gun so i see it as the same thing.
  4. Accessory/Make: Contour Roam Picatinny Rail mount Condition: Used Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No x 3 Price/Payment: £20 all in Location: North East London (Leyton) Pictures: For Sale is a used Contour Roam Picatinny Rail mount This mount is made for the Contour ROAM series of cameras which is all the cameras made by Contour with ROAM in its name. You basically screw it onto to the picatinny rail with the provide thumb screw and slide your camera on, that’s it. Well made very sturdy and holds the camera firm, no wobble etc. These are very hard to find at the moment in the UK as far as I am aware and just one unit retails for around £30 at most places I have seen. Reason for sale is that I bought two of these things with the intent of mounting one to each of my guns but I now use a different camera brand Item will be shipped via Royal Mail 2nd Class Recorded Delivery N.B: I normally check the forums daily but work shifts so you might get a reply in several minutes or several hours later. Also sorry for the picture using two different dates, i took a photo of it on the 08-07-17 but didnt manage to put the sale thread up so took another today, still i think the original 08-07-17 picture is the better of the two.
  5. Accessory/Make: Helikon Waterproof Jacket and Trousers Condition: Used but in great condition (Jacket)/Brand New with Tags (Trousers) Size: Jacket is Large Regular, Trousers is Xtra Large Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No x 3 Price/Payment: £120 Pictures: For sale is the complete Helikon Waterproof Jacket and Trousers in Multicam like pattern which Helikon dubs Camogrom. The Jacket has been worn on only two occassions for a short period of time but other than that, thats it. Still in Excellen almost new condition, no wear, tear, abrasions or cuts. No tags but practically brand new. Size is Large Regular, according to the Helikon sizing diagram this will fit anyone with a 41 to 45 inch chest. The Trousers have never been worn, ever! Its the trouser part that goes with the above jacket in matching Multicam like pattern Camogrom. These are brand new with tags with no wear, tear, abrasions or cuts. Whilst not being used both have been stored in my wardrobe, hanging in a non smoking home. Total cost if you were to buy these brand new would be about £150, both will be packaged carefully and sent via Royal Mail recorded. N.B: I normally check the forums daily but work shifts so you might get a reply in several minutes or several hours later.
  6. Here you go, a video about the issue i made a year or two ago:
  7. Nice one Bro, real good looking. I might look into getting one but will have to wait for my next paycheck In the meantime heres my Salient Collection.
  8. Was wondering, does any one know if this is a good gun or not? I'm a massive Salient fan (well i like the gold black design) and so i have a Salient M4, CAM870 and Glock 34. The Glock is mainly for my CQB Loadout but till now i have been running a TM M9, dont get me wrong the TM M9 has been one of my finest pistols but i kinda wanted another Salient pistol just for woodland and retire my old M9. However my worry is its just a WE rebrand, i dislike WE (had a sh*tty M9 by them as my first pistol and had to constantly fix my mates WE SCAR-L AEG). So short question is it a WE rebrand? I also heard it might be made by Armourer Works but i'm not sure of it (conflicting info and all that from googling). Link to the relevant gun:
  9. I had a Vector GBBR a while ago and i also have an MP5 Short answer, NO Vector Mags will NOT fit MP5 mag pouches. They will fit into UMG and P90 pouches as that's what i used to run but do feel a little bit loose.
  10. Made about 3 orders from Milspec, i love their attention to the GBBR scene and often have parts that you are not able to source elsewhere in the UK. My first order with them was back in July 2015 for some KSC M93R Magazines and valves and that went without a hitch and so did another inbetween. However i do wish they switch their courier from UPS to DPD or at least give us the option of using DPD. My last order was almost a balls up, not their fault though, back in May i bought a GHK AK105 plus a few mags, it had to be shipped via UPS and so graciously they shipped it on 22-05-17 for next day delivery on 23-05-17, due to UPS ballsing up big time i didnt get the AK until 7pm on the 24-05-17 having gone to the depot to collect myself. START OF RANT! I hate UPS and wish Milspec will at least give me a decent courier option like DPD, UPS cant tell you where the driver is or what time delivery is going to be yet DPD tells me who my driver is, where he is, what delivery hes on and what time he'll get to me, how hard is that? UPS have been in the business longer than DPD yet its like some big secret when your delivery will happen. RANT OVER
  11. Hehe for quite a while now it seems (wow time flies), i just woke up after finishing a night shift was still in pre coffee sleepy induced state, getting my forums mixed up lol.
  12. First buy yourself a 300Bar (4500PSI) Scuba tank, make sure its in date or brand new, ensure that it has a DIN fitting which i think it will as i have seen any other 300BAR tank with anything other than a DIN fitting. Then buy this: Once you have the tank take it to your local dive store, here are a few to get you started: I don't know how close or far they are from you. Have the Scuba tank filled, take it home and attach your DIN refill station, attach your HPA bottles and fill. The tank should last you about 6 months depending on how often you play or how much you shoot. Of course taking safety into account don't fill 3000PSI (232 BAR) tanks to 4500PSI (300Bar) for obvious reasons.
  13. Hi just stumbled across this thread. There was a thread on another forum about upgrading TM Glocks that was probably the most in depth i have ever seen, the OP stated that there were some alignment issues with Guarder slides but it seems you have the problem before you switched over. Anyways i dont know if im allowed to link other forums here (i dont think the admins are as militant as the ones on Z1) but nonetheless heres the link, its quite a long read but well worth it.