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  2. One of the drawbacks of Airsoft clothing shopping is that all the clothes are made in china or far east asia anyway. I bought a pair of Emerson trousers advertised as XXXL for a 38" waist, im a 38. Thing barely fits me. I only know of a few London shops namely Silvermans (RIPOFFF!!!!!!!), Bushcraft store in Crews Hill and if im not mistaken there used to be an Army and Navy in the East of London but i have never been to it. Internet wise I have found TacTree to be decently priced and they do a decent wide range of 5.11 clothing.
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  6. Yes mate Their website is a bit neglected but their Facebook site is active.
  7. A great company, i think they have a great wide variety of HPA stuff which is what i use them for. They will send your stuff via DPD so its assured it will get there. They're customer service is also very good, quick and responsive.
  8. Airsofting around London Depending on what side of London you live you may find these sites close or far. I myself live in North East London so these are following sites I attend Note that most of these sites are outside of London and require travel by car as public transport is limited to these places especially on Sunday mornings. I’ll start with the site I began airsoft at. Dragons Lair Airsoft - Ongar Dragons Lair or DLA is in Ongar which is just outside of North East of London, it is managed by Ray Cain and his family and they all do a great job, they are affliated with Airsoft Zone which you will only ever hear good this about. The site its self is a very open but linear forest with a swamp and small pond area, there’s a small fort and village around the back. As its so open it lacks much cover and being that this place is quite full auto friendly means its also BB hungry. The Safe Zones pretty good with lots of hard cover, decent food and drink and a shop run by Airsoft Zone. Only down side is the toilets are essentially a bucket with a seat attached. AWA Herts - Hertfordshire Played at the site, was disappointed IMO, the road leading to the site needed a 4x4 and my poor BMW 320d did not like it, I made it though. Entrance to the site is literally through a hedge, the safe zone was poor, being a few garden benches and tables, no hard cover only a few tarpaulin or those cheapo gazebos you get from Tescos. Games were ok though Billericy Airsoft - Billericy Again a poor quality road leading to the site but better than AWA Herts, ample car parking, decent safe zone but only a small portion of it is under hard cover, the shop is a full blown shop and so is massive and has a variety of things you may need, they are also cheap at £15 per day. Games are pretty decent and they ae very very strict on Chrono which is a good thing. One of the pros or cons is that the site is absolutely massive, you actually need a map to make your way around the area Red1 One Airsoft The School (Kings Langley): A Great site, one of the best CQB sites ive been too, great safe zone as its all indoors and a decent shop, also its all semi so my HPA guns last forever. They also have a small woodland area too which is pretty good. The only downside is that the site is also used for filming so often the best part of the school, the playground, is often used for filming sets so is off limits for us airsofters. Red1 One Airsoft Chisulhurst: Another great Red1 site this time in south London, this is a wooded area game but has a whole village, fort area, lots of small buildings. The safe zone is again tarpaulin but unlike AWA Herts its all very well built almost looking like a permanent feature. One of the pros here is that it is nearly always semi auto only fire. Only down side to this place is that the site borders several Sunday league football pitches and so if they are playing you cannot use smoke grenades. Also several members of the Polish Airsoft Team play here, and they are very good. The Mall – Reading I read the hype about this place and so one day me and a friend decided to try it out. Over all I wasn’t impressed TBH, the car parking nearby was extortionate for the day, the price is high, some of the shops lack features and are essentially just big empty rooms (thought the ball pit was fun), the dark corridors were just massive essentially choke point with either team unable to gain advantage. Safe Zone was good though but I wasn’t impressed, personally I preferred to the school especially as they allow me to use my CAM 870 shotgun, the mall would not allow me for some reason. Other sites I know of but havnt been to include: Red1 One The Fort Tactical Warfare – Croydon To name a few as you say you live in London which is a pretty big ass place lol. My home site is Dragons Lair as thats where my UKARA is registered to Alternatively you can check out: For a map of all the sites. Also here a are a few Airsoft shops to peruse (AKA make your wallet afraid of), I have used them all personally so can say they are pretty good. AVOID any shop with the word "BB" in their company name as their products are likely to be craptastic springer toys and stick to reputable Airsoft shops like: Airsoft Zone in Romford - great prices, shop and staff, dont know how much their P&P as i go in person Zeroin – wide selection of goods, bit pricy at times, have heard their after sales to be a bit crap but ive never had any issues, has a decent forum for second hand sales and advice as well Landwarrior - bit pricy at times but good quality kit, based in Scotland! ProAirsoftSupplies – Sells good stuff and has got a good reputation but almost never has anything in stock, based in Archway, London (near Suicide Bridge). RedWolf Airsoft - very pricey but great customer service, lean too much on their Hong Kong counter parts name and youtube. Unfortunately they recently had a fire and so may be limited at this time. Wolf Armouries - good shop, massive selection, almost too much selection to comprehend and at competitive prices, website used to be shite but its vastly improved now, just call first and make sure they have what you want in stock. Milspec Solutions – UK based GBBR specialist Eagle6 – TM guns and parts specialist, based in UK FG Airsoft – French base GBBR Specialist POWAIR6 – French based HPA Specialist but also does other stuff too eHobbyAsia/MoaiHobby/WGCCShop/Tiger111hk/AirsoftGlobal/Samoon – All of these are either HK or Taiwanese shops, great prices and lots of stuff you often can’t find in the UK or Europe, long shipping times which can be costly, watch out for customs. Evike - lots of stuff at US prices but watch out for customs oh and their eyewatering shipping prices
  9. Accessory/Make: Contour Roam Picatinny Rail mountCondition: UsedSplits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No x 3Price/Payment: £20 all inLocation: North East London (Leyton)Pictures:For Sale is a used Contour Roam Picatinny Rail mount This mount is made for the Contour ROAM series of cameras which is all the cameras made by Contour with ROAM in its name. You basically screw it onto to the picatinny rail with the provide thumb screw and slide your camera on, that’s it. Well made very sturdy and holds the camera firm, no wobble etc. These are very hard to find at the moment in the UK as far as I am aware and just one unit retails for around £30 at most places I have seen.Reason for sale is that I have sold all my Contour ROAM Cameras and whilst having a clear out found this one hiding sneakily.
  10. Accessory/Make: Picatinny Rail riser Condition: New Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No x 3 Price/Payment: £10 all in Location: North East London (Leyton) Pictures: Unknown brand Picatinny rail Riser, bought for my M4 to fit my EoTech but unfortunately didn’t sit right with me and so it has never been used.
  11. Accessory/Make: Armourer Works HX Thumb safety in Gold (Part no: AW-A17002)Condition: Brand NewSplits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No x 3Price/Payment: £10Location: North East London (Leyton)Pictures: Brand new Armourer Works HX HX Thumb safety in Gold, bought a month ago after getting my EMG SAI 5.1 2011 (a hi capa essentially) and realised that although the SAI was made by Armourer Works the profile of the HX Thumb safety would not fit as it’s a slightly different shape Bought brand new from a reputable HK Airsoft seller, this part is 100% compatible with Armourer Works HX series of Hi Capas, I cannot be sure if it will fit TM spec Hi Capas as I don’t own one, but according to their website it isBelow is a link to the manufacturers website to this specific part: