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  1. Thats not the Biohazard one. There is no "STARS" logon on the hand grips or slide. The slide doesnt have the correct markings which includes a reference to "Kendo's Gun Shop" I used to own one.
  2. For some people too many is never enough! I for starters have owned the following at some point: G&G M14 EBR ***SOLD*** SRC M1911 ***SOLD*** WE M9 ***SOLD*** G&G MP5A5 KWA Kriss Vector ***SOLD*** WE SCAR L ***SOLD*** G&G HK 416 (TR4-18L DST) ***SOLD*** TM M92FS TM P90 ***SOLD*** TM P90 (cant say no when it was free) ***SOLD*** TM VSR 10 ***SOLD*** KSC M93R ***SOLD*** KSC M93R ***SOLD*** G&P M4 (converted and custom to a Polarstar Salient Arms M4) APS CAM 870 Salient TM Glock 22 (converted to Glock 34) Novritsch SSG24 GHK AK 105 AW EMG Salient DS2011 I think the main reason for buying so many guns was to explore and find what i liked or was attuned to. I have now settled on the Assault weapon (Polarstar M4), CQB weapon (MP5 and CAM870), Sniper Rifle (SSG24) and fun gun (AK 105). Pistol wise my M92FS has done me very well and i love it to bits, the Glock 34 was because i saw a Glock 34 Salient Arms slide for a bargain, so bought it and got the Glock for it, now its my CQB pistol. The AW DS2011 was meant to replace the M92FS but it performance was pants so it needs so work to it. TBH I think i have settled now on my core guns so dont plan to sell or buy any more, I am still tempted to get a TM Recoil 416 Devgru but it might not be for a while. Below is the Airsoft Family portrait.
  3. Whats wrong with the hose? I have come across many people who don't like HPA based solely on the line (what you call the hosepipe) yet run those 3 point slings or any sling to be precise. On my Polarstar M4 the line isn't removed until just before i enter the safe zone or need to drop my gun at which point the line is the easier of the two to remove. I have fed my line through my sling so they almost look like one piece. Also its hella expensive running green gas anyways, £10 to £15 per can which contains about 1 to 1.5 litres of pressurised propane of around 800PSI or you can get 12 litres of 4500PSI air for less than £10, you do the math, greater volume of air, compressed more than x5 the amount for less money. Yes mag changes may be longer but with some practice it can be made faster, i normally leave the mag changes between re spawns. Not to mention the consistency of HPA far outstrips green gas.
  4. You will still have cool down no matter what as you still have a gas that is under pressure and is expanding per shot, also because that gas (Propane mixed with silicone) is less dense than air and volatile (ie rapid evaporates in air). However the cool down wont be in the gun or magazine as it traditionally is as that is where we normally put the gas but it will cool down in the green gas tank as you have essentially move the cool down effect away from the gun. AFAIK only HPA doesn't suffer cool down effect because although it is air under pressure, once it has expanded to its normal volume its no less or more dense than the air around it. Personally I still think HPA is still better than this as it is very high pressure air finely regulated by the 2nd stage regulator, also there is no regulator on that, essentially it is an open valve and QD valve on each end.
  5. Cost of the gun + shipping is 35000 Japanese Yen which equals to about £234.24. Rounding this to £235 before duty, tax and Parcel Force fees. £235 + £7.52 in duty fees = £242.52 242.52 + 48.50 in VAT = 291.02 £291.02 + 13.5 Parcel Force Fees = £304.52 in total cost give or take some depending on what the market value of the Yen is to the Pound the day it arrives. You might be looking anywhere between £70 to £80 in duty, tax and Parcel Force fees. The Gun will ship via EMS from Japan which means it will land in Parcel Forces hands.
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  8. @CanErdogan TL:DR - You're gonna be dead set on getting an M9 as i'm sure you have already looked about, you're asking because you want confirmation on what you have already decided on, i will say this, GET THE TM M92FS. You wont be disappointed, yes TMs can run on Green gas, it will probably outlast your airsofting career. My TM 92FS full story below My first airsoft GBB pistol was a WE M9 Samurai Edge, i had the mags and a real Blackhawk holster, problem was the gun was S**T, too many cool downs using green gas and when using CO2 i couldn't hit the side of a barn door as the shots were so widely off not to mention the fixed hop on it it could barely lift .20g BBs, i eventually gave it away to a friend who since fixed it up but only as a display piece. I was planning on getting another M9 as i had the costly Blackhawk Holster already, i liked the control placements and the M9 was a great handling gun for me, looked around and saw the KSC M9, i liked KSC i owned two of their M93Rs which never had leaky mags and were very good crispy shots, only issue was they didn't like US and EU spec BBs so much, preferred Japanese Spec BBs which are a tad smaller, not only that the KSC M9 was vastly more expensive than any other M9 make or brand. Wasn't after a TM as it was plastic crap surely! I visited Airsoft Zone later for other bits and bobs and got talking to their tech John, he mentioned that if you want an M9 as a show piece, get the KSC M9, if you want one for skirmishing, get the TM M9, so after some due deliberation i walked out with a TM M92FS and 3 mags for it deciding to give the plastic pop gun a try. Got home and some first observations were that this plastic looks really good, its light without mag but once the mag is in yes its heavier, very quickly your forget its light, soon after you forget its made from plastic, the slide movement is very smooth and the kick back is very crisp, not sluggish like I saw in the WE M9 i had. Tested it at home with green gas using .20g BBs in an XCoretech X3200, first shot was 300FPS, last shot was 260FPS, from first to last shot the kick back felt pretty good and crisp, must say not bad at all. Didn't have a big enough garden so didn't know the range. Took it for my first skirmish, did some test shots and WOW the range on this thing blew my mind! .25g BBs with the correctly dialled hop were disappearing in the distance straight as a laser, its performance was almost unmatched against other stock pistols, it could out range the rental guns and dare i say it most stock AEGs. I have used it quite a few times since then, i have landed on it, rolled, crawled in mud with it, used it in the cold, the humid and warm (we don't have hot in the UK, lol) and it still shoots to this day as accurately as ever, where i place the sights, the BB will hit, the TM MAGIC is REAL! To the present, i still have my venerable TM M92FS, it fits my Blackhawk SERPA Holster perfectly, no modding it just slides right in, internally all parts are stock the day it left TM in Japan, its bruised and battered from use but still shoots accurately straight. The changes i have made to it are: Slide has been replaced with a new one only because i tried to mod the sights free hand drilling holes (badly) to install Beta rods for glow in the dark sights and ruined the sights, old slide was still perfectly functional. Installed Hogue Grips (see pictures) but the profile was just off so went back to the stock hand grips. The only big major change i did was tap the mags with HPA valves to run the pistol off HPA for a perfect shot to shot consistency so from first to last shot you get the same FPS, i cant remember the PSI i use but .20g BBs clock in at about 300FPS and .25g BBs (what i use) clock in at about 285FPS. Currently im using the Mancraft Pistol Lanyard as the Valve is a lot smaller and the line is coiled so it looks like a proper lanyard. Now i'm no TM Fanboi but i also own a TM GLOCK 34 SAI which whilst a lovely gun i still use my TM M92FS more in woodland games with the GLOCK reserved for indoor CQB. But coming from two TM pistols does have one major drawback! I recently bought the Armourer Works DS2011 SAI 5.1 Pistol, essentially a Hi Capa tarted up with SAI trades, i bought this to replace my TM M92FS as the SAI trades and colours would compliment my SAI M4. Took the AW DS2011 to my first game last month, thing was inaccurate as hell, my friend reckons that because i was so used to TMs shooting like lasers i wouldn't be able to shoot anything else without the same accuracy, so all in all the AW DS2011 was swapped out back to the TM M92FS. Where will i go from here, well i'll keep using this gun till it royally breaks which might be a while, maybe i got lucky and picked up that Airsoft unicorn, if i was to be in the market for another pistol it will probably be another TM M9, maybe the Tac Master or one of those Samurai Edges or if i have the dollar the Albert Wesker M9 (Drool) My TM M92FS - With Hogue grips but the stock grips are currently on it now.
  9. Ive stripped a G&G M14 EBR rifle and the spring left over looks like the tappet plate spring. This spring (if you have an M14) fits under the tappet plate and awkwardly. You sorta need four hands to put the G&G M14 gearbox back together. As for the pin i have no idea BUT i think it might be the pin that holds the recoil gas rod/pipe connecting block under the barrel in place. Heres a link to the G&G M14 (GR14) manual. See page 18, look at GR14-28 or GR14-21 and look at part number 4 This video might help in putting your M14 back together, if indeed it is an M14
  10. Hi mate Message Jason Clark: Hes the owner of Red1airsoft
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