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  1. Sold Mods Please close!
  2. some interesting points here
  3. Make: APS (Accuracy Pneumatics Shooting) Gun/Model: CAM 870 SAI Deluxe Match Shotgun Accessories: CO2 filler (comes in two parts), Shell Catcher, Stock extension pads, +4 Smart shells, 1 x faulty bolt, 1x suspected faulty cradle and 1 x shell loading arms, about 100 Papers and Wads. Condition: Used FPS: varies (it’s a shotgun!) Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/See in description/No Price/Payment: £300, Please add an additional £10.77 if paying by Paypal, if postage is required an additional £16.40 is required, see below for more info Location: North East London (Leyton Area) Pictures: Ok people I’m not gonna lie this shotgun is a faulty, I’ll try and explain below in the relevant section, beware I can get really TL:DR but at least you know I’m not trying to pull a fast one over your eyes. But first about the shotgun. This is shotgun is made and based off APS’ infamous CAM870 shotguns so it pretty much functions like a real steel Remington 870 shotgun, it also comes with fully licensed Salient Arms International trademarks. Like the real Remington 870 you load the shells into the gun, pump the gun, aim and shoot, all 12BBs leave the gun via its .68 smoothbore barrel like a real shotty, you rack it again, it ejects a shell and loads a new one. In urban or CQB like environments it’s the most satisfying gun to shoot and watch peoples face light up in horror when they see a wall of BBs flying towards them. It normally uses CO2 bulbs which are fitted into the long tube thingy seen in the pictures but you can run it off HPA, just fit the appropriate shell gas refill thingy to the bottle (you might need a wrench) and fill to your hearts content, its also cheaper to run off HPA too, I did anyway. This particular shotgun was bought by me from a reputable Hong Kong based retailer, when the cost of the gun + accessories + Shipping + Custom duties and taxes are added up all together, its probably worth over £700 to £800, not to mention all the waiting time for it to be shipped. I have it here for £300, yes its faulty (see below) So what do you get in this package? 1 x APS Cam870 SAI Shotgun 6 x APS CAM870 Hakkotsu smart shells (2 in red, 4 in white) 1 x Manual 50 x Wads 50 x Paper caps 1 x Smart Shell charger (attach this to a HPA bottle or the supplied CO2 tube filler thing) 1 x Shell catcher (new unused) 4 x Stock extension pads (new unused) 1 x CO2 filler gizmo for old style CAM870 shells (new unused) 1 x CO2 filler tube thingy (new unused) 1 x Faulty SAI licenced bolt (see below) 1 x Cradle, suspected to be faulty 1 x Shell guide rods 1 x Original Box Ok so your wondering whats wrong with this shotgun? Well for starters there is a scratch to the left side of the gun which you can probably see in the pictures next to the stock, there are also some finer scratches here and there from skirmish use. So on to the big problems, after a while after using it the firing pin in the bolt refused to strike the rear of the shells causing misfires, so I tried to fix it but it still didn’t work, therefore I resorted to getting a new one and installing that, the current bolt fitted to the shot gun DOES work and if individual shells where loaded into this gun they will shoot perfectly. You can do this by pumping the shotgun back, loading a shell, racking it forwards, aim and shoot. The bolt in the box is the faulty one, it might be salvageable still if you just install a new pin but I cannot be sure of this, however this is one problem you can ignore as the current bolt DOES work. Next problem and the one I cannot fix due to lack of patience and time. At this time this CAM870 will not load its shells properly, it will double feed or not feed at all. The issue began to arise when I was using the shotgun and found it harder and harder to rack the slide until it was impossible to rack it all the way back, I eventually diagnosed it to the shell guide rods and cradle. I replaced the guide rods no joy, I replace the cradle and was able to load shells but they would occasionally double load, still no joy but an improvement. At the moment the new guide rods and cradle are installed, it seems that there are some misalignment issues with the guide rods, cradle and shells, it might just be some bending required to coax it into the right place but I’m not patient enough to do this. Reason for sale? Its faulty, I don’t have the patience to fix it, I have since bought another CAM870 to replace it (hence why some the CO2 loading stuff is new) Because the shotgun alone is worth about £500 after taxes and customs, plus your getting some additional shells, spares and accessories its probably now worth over £700 to £800, as its faulty I have vastly reduced its price to £300, I have seen these go on forums for £500 with much less stuff albeit in working condition, they are hard to find in the UK and Europe (the Salient model anyways). I’m asking £300 for the gun + Paypal fees of £10.77 + Postage fees of £16.40, this is a grand total of £327.17. Gun will be posted via Parcel Force 48hrs as they allow RIFs on that service, it will posted next working day as soon as payment is received, tracking number will be provided to you on both the forum and Paypal. You are welcome to collect from the Leyton area of North East London, if you do I’ll of course waiver the postage fees but payment via Paypal only please via Goods and Services so Paypal fees still apply. As for Splits, Swaps or Part Exchanges. I will not be splitting this package, it all has to go and TBH one part is no use without the others, I won’t be part exchanging. As for Swaps, firstly I’m not interested in any RIFs I have all I want and only run HPA Polarstar so GBBRs, GBB Pistols and especially AEGs don’t interest me, furthermore I keep all my stuff Polarstar so no Tippmans or Daytona’s et al. I also have all the combat gear. About the only thing I’m willing to swap is the following: ZenitCo AK parts, must fit a GHK AK 105, specifically the B-33 top receiver cover B-19 over the gas tube top B-10M under handguard rail DTK-1 Muzzle brake RP-1 charging handle RC-3 or pistol grip its varients for GBBRs PT-1 butt stock Message me if you have one or all these parts and we can come to an agreement. Lastly please note I run on a first come first served basis, also I work shifts so you may get a reply in 10 minutes or several hours later depending on when I get home, I check these forums almost daily so I’m sure to pick up your message.
  4. Have a read of these two guides first mate: and
  5. This might help, its quite comprehensive for upgrading TM Glocks.
  6. Hi Firstly oops my bad for wording the title badly, must have been half asleep. Secondly i can only assume it will be a metric measurement as that's what the rest of the world uses except the yanks and Canadians. My TM compatible HPA taps have just come today so ill probably use the Tap and die set to see which one screws nicely with it and assume thats the size. Only reason i am asking is because i have a GHK AK and want to tap the HPA valves into it, i plan on using TM HPA taps as i already have TM GBB pistols.
  7. You are correct, i'm referring to the magazine fill valves, what their thread.
  8. As description say, what is the tap and die size for TM GBB guns, specifically Glocks.
  9. Thought I would provide some useful information since I have noticed that a lot of people always ask “if I buy XYZ from US/Asia how much is duties and taxes going to cost me?” While there are online UK Duties calculators most ask for a fee or payment in order to work it out for you, about the only one that doesn’t is run by Pitney Bowes but they only allow you a one time calculation, after that you must pay. However after having used them once and since then anything airsoft related that I have imported to the UK from Asia and US I have collated the figures to work out how much you will pay and how the duties are worked out. Also an important point to note that if you’re importing anything from the EU, at this time (27-05-17) the UK hasn’t BREXITED yet so we are still in, this means you pay no taxes, this thread only applies to US and ASIA imports. To work out how much you will pay in import fees here what you must do. Convert the value of your goods from USD including cost of P&P (HMRC will use the conversion rates at the exchange rate on the date and time they work it out) to GBP, we will call this value “Converted GBP” From the Converted GBP, divide this by 31.253, this is will work out how much it will cost you in Import Duty, we will call this value the “Duty fee”. Add the Converted GBP and Duty fee together and we will call this value “Converted and Duty Before Tax”. Now with the Converted and Duty Before Tax value, divide this by 5, this value is the “VAT”. Add VAT and Converted and Duty Before Tax together and you get the “Landed Value” Then just add 13.50 to the end of that as that’s Parcel Forces handling Fees it may differ from courier to courier but parcel force is often the main mover. So, an example is: You purchase an item/s and the cost of P&P bringing the total to $500 USD Current exchange rate is 0.78 as of 27-05-17 so 500 x 0.78 = £390 (converted GBP) 390 / 31.253 = 12.48 (Duty fee) 390 + 12.48 = 402.48 (Converted and Duty Before Tax) 402.48 / 5 = 80.50 (VAT) 80.50 + 402.48 = 482.48 (Landed Value) 12.48 + 80.50 + 13.50 = 106.47 (Total import costs you pay to the courier, in this case Parcel Force) 390 + 106.47 = 496.47 (Your TOTAL) Using the above method will give you a pretty good idea as to how much HMRC and the courier costs will cost you when you go and pick up your parcel. I am in the process of making a taxes and imports excel spreadsheet but it’s a WIP so bare with me.
  10. TL:DR Is the APS CAM870 now illegal under the new rules, or was it always illegal? Ok guys I just need some clarification. I have owned an APS CAM 870 Shell Ejecting Shotgun for a few months now and i must say its an awesome gun. Now whilst i'm aware that the PCA 2017 came into affect on 02-05-17 with it power limitations, definition of an Airsoft weapon, the Full auto and Semi/bolt stuff along with the confusion that has everyone plagued re HPA setups, i was wondering how this affects us CAM 870 users? I only asked this as someone recently pointed out that the CAM 870 was now a designated S5 Firearm under the new rules, or has this always been the case. For those that don't know the APS CAM 870 is designated as a shell ejecting airsoft shotgun model after the Remington 870, therefore the user must load each and every individual shell with gas (normally CO2 but one can use HPA), load said shell with a plastic wadding or cup, then loads 12 BBs and tops it off with a cardboard circle to hold the BBs in place. The shell is loaded into the CAM 870 as you would any real steel shotgun, pump the shotgun and fire. This leads to the paper circle, 12BBs and plastic cup to fly out of the gun in one shot - like a real shotgun firing buckshot. Wheres the hop up you cry? Well there isn't any, this shotgun has a .68 inch diameter smooth bore barrel, whilst its designed to fire airsoft BBs it can fire .68 rubber baton rounds, .68 paintballs, nails, steel BBs basically anything you can fit into the Shell, you can shoot with varying degrees of sucess. The shell can contain around 800PSI of pressure of what ever gas you choose, I once watched a guy shoot the rubber baton rounds through this and got an estimated 32J of energy output. Now i don't plan to start shooting nails or rubber baton rounds at people in Airsoft however the shotgun is really difficult to chrono as the chrono will see the paper circle, 12bbs and plastic cup, i have gotten everything 200 to 300FPS using .20g BBs through my XCoretech X3200 but nothing over 300FPS and to be honest from watching its shots, they appear to lose a lot of energy once the BBs leave the barrel. So is this a legal gun or not now? I think it still is, what do you guys think?
  11. As others have said this is not unusual. Some people cannot close their right eye and leave the left eye open but can close the left eye and leave the right eye open and vice versa Others cannot do either. Nothing is wrong with them and it may be a raft of factors causing it. I can normally close each eye independently of one another but last year I suffered from Bell's Palsy which causes partial paralysis of one side of the face, in this case my left side. I was unable to drink properly without holding my left lip up, only half my face would smile, i could not whilst and sometime slurred my speech and in relation to this unable to close my left eye independently. I could still feel on the left side just the muscles controlling the left had what i can only describe as shut down. After about 2 to 3 months of steroids (which is whats prescribed by GPs and Drs for it) i began to regain most movement and now after about 8 months i have regained full movement as per before. So yeah its not unusual. Also to OP like others have said, get a red dot sight such as an EoTech (RS if you like but a clone will do) as these are designed for both eyes to be open when you aim.
  12. I know im late to the party here but let me give my two cents for ordering RIFs and other things from them. When you order anything from Ehobbyasia be it parts, clothes or a RIF then i think its in step 5 or 6 that you have to request that they put the UKARA no on the box, they even mention during the checking out process in small print that if you live in the UK they need your UKARA no. Once paid they will process your order and ship it, it you have asked for express shipping they will normally dispatch in 1 or 2 days, if you have asked for non express then they ship every Friday. RIFs or particularly high value orders will only give you the option to ship it via express. Their shipping is normally handled by HK Post: and they always provide a tracking no. When the item arrives in the UK one of two things will happen. Irrespective if its normal or express shipping it will pass through customs. If the stated value of the goods is higher than about £80 (i think but dont quote me on this) then the package is immediately handed to Royal Mail who will treat and deliver it as a normal parcel. If the value of the goods is much higher (such as an APS CAM870 Salient Shotgun like i got) then the item first goes to Coventry where its assessed by HMRC, customs charges are raised, then revised before being released and handed over to Parcel Force. Parcel Force will then have it sent to the National Hub to be sorted and sent to your nearest depot. Once it arrives to your nearest depot a letter will be sent to your home address asking you to pay the charges, once the charges are paid they will deliver. Alternatively you can attend the depot in person, show ID, pay the charges and get the parcel released to you. Ehobbyasia are not a dodgy HK company, they will state the exact price you paid for your goods and will declare it as sporting goods, if UKARA is required they will affix a large A4 sized sheet with your UKARA no clearly displayed in a clear plastic envelope. HMRC VAT, Duty and Parcel Forces Handling charges will vary based on what you have bought and for how much, Parcel Force has a flat £8 whilst VAT is charged at 20% and Airsoft goods i think the Duty is 12.5%, these percentages are calculated on the value of the goods including cost of shipping. In my example i bought an APS CAM 870 Salient Arms shotgun originally worth $500, got 30% ($150) off so the final value of the gun was $350, cost of shipping was $91 for a total of $441, the shotgun was shipped and i was charged £107 for HMRC VAT, Duty and Parcel Force Handling fees. It took exactly a week from shipping from Ehobby Asia to me collecting it, bare in mind it can be slower but a week is about average.
  13. TMs dont have o-rings on the outside of the intake valve, normally because they have a pressure release valve so that when you gas up a TM mag it fills up and once maximum pressure has been achieved anything else vents out, its normally used to displace any air in the mag.
  14. SOLD Mods please close
  15. Bump and price Drop to £120, this is the last price drop for this gun, i will NOT go lower so don't ask. If it doesn't sell i'll just keep it. Many people have asked so far Is this System 7? Yes it is, box says so What do i get? You get the M93R, 3 x Mags and 3 x HPA Valves, Box, manuals and fiddly tools (see pics) What don't i get? No Gas, No BBs (the Japanese Spec ones are gone)