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  1. Problem lies in that the spring might be too short. I used to cut about 3 or 4 coils off M110 springs to bring them down to 340FPS on the G&G Pneumatic blow back guns. Worst case was an old (about 10 yers old) TM P90 i had, i got it for free, cleaned it up and put a M100 spring in it. Clocked in at 370FPS So i had to install a M90 spring in it and cut a few coils off it to bring it down to 340FPS on .20g BBs, fast ROF gun i ever had 30+ RPS on 11.1v Lipos
  2. I know that G&G nozzles and hop up units are notorious in this aspect in that they have to be G&G ones. I once installed a ProWin hop up unit in a mates gun becuase he broken the hop up unit and the FPS dropped by a huge amount, checking the air seal showed that they was no seal between the hop up and air nozzle. Installed another G&G hop up unit and perfect air seal. To check the Air seal assemble the gun fully, turn it upside down, ensure there is no BB in the gun, plug a battery into the gun as normal and place a piece of paper about 1cm by 1cm over the hole where BBs would feed and pull the trigger. Should you have a good airseal the paper will only move a little or drop off the side of the feed hole. If the paper should come flying out the magwell then you have a bad air seal. I'll be honest the G&G air nozzles are fine without the rubber o-ring, if you have used good silicone grease on the Cylinder head nozzle you should have no seal problems there. My G&G TR4-18 ran at 341FPS +/-1 FPS using .20g BBs with the original air nozzle installed.
  3. Interesting stuff but too expensive in my mind to be getting brushless motors. Like you ill still to normal brushed motors for now as i want to use the GATE TITAN.
  4. I'd say its range was pretty pants compared to my G&G TR4-18 which i tweak the heck out of. I would only shoot around 50m but i think its cos i didn't bed the hop in properly and Green Gas is an inconsistent bastard in winter. I dont have it anymore, alas i sold it and kinda regret it but i never used it.
  5. Dunno if i am still allowed to post here? The KWA Kriss Vector was the 3rd airsoft gun i ever owned and first GBBR. Got it second hand but didn't realise it was a former two tone one which had roughly been sprayed by its previous owner so had to strip it all down and re do it myself properly. I decided to go with the Bronze and black look and it turned out quite good IMO. Had 8 mags for it and a heck of a load of accessories (HPA taps in all). But in the end it sat unused for the best part of a year whilst my G&G TR4-18 was doing all the heavy pulling, also i think the hop was crap as i couldn't hit the side of a barn door Anyways here area few pics of it to reminisce.
  6. Ah i see hmm you have put me in a bit of a spot because i have already ordered the ceramic bearings haha Oh well another build one day perhaps.
  7. Out of interest, apart from everything else, why is everyone recommending bushings and not bearings? Whilst i understand that the bearing under the spur gear might get crushed in high stress builds, what im looking to make is hardly high stress IMO? Would i be ok in placing bushings only around the spur gear and leaving the ceramic bearings for the bevel and sector gear? I used to us the Modify Ceramic Bearings in one of my long gone (as in sold) AEGs and they seemed fine?
  8. Nice to know mate, I ahev done some research and it appears that RA gearboxes fit G&P bodies very well AFAIK. Ill probably go with the ASG 30K, SHS 13 :1 gears and 7.4v with the Titan
  9. Bump and Price drop to £215
  10. Ive yet to have modify ceramics break under the spur gear as i am only using a M105 at most TBH. I think in that video he used an M120 spring, maybe too tough for bearings. So you guys would recommend SHS 13:1 or 16:1 gears right?? Looking more for quick trigger response so may be a balanced motor, not too torquy not too high speed. Been looking at the ASG Ultimate ones as well and theya re tickling my fancy TBH
  11. TL:DR Im currently looking into some gears and motor to go into my custom built M4 reciever and gearbox. The gearbox i am going to be using is a non split Retro Arms V2 Gearbox as seen here: Ill be using Modify 8mm Ceramic bearings, Gear wise im am looking for best for buck, price isn't a problem, i've heard Sigetek make the best gears but currently full sets are like unicorn tears at the moment. Motor wise i am undecided normally i have used the G&P M120 but if theres anything better let me know. Long version I currently own a HPA'd SAI M4 rifle. I want to use the same upper receiver as it has an Edgi Barrel, Prowin hop up chamber with an R-Hop by Kingdom of Airsoft, it is laser accurate! The lower receiver i want to keep it exactly the same. With the onset of some fields not liking or outright banning HPA use i want an AEG version of the same gun and i have decided to just build a lower receiver so i can swap the lowers out when i want HPA or AEG. ERGO i plan on building a no holds barred lower, i will be getting the same receiver set so it all matches, a gearbox from Retro Arms as i have heard the make the best CNC gearboxes, I plan to install a GATE Titan o i have almost the same trigger response as i do in my HPA gun. I have most parts chosen except the gears and motor. Gear wise i don't want any stupid high rates of fire, say maybe 20 to 24RPS, i have previously used the generic G&G gears and found them to be pretty good but was wondering if there's anything better out there. Spring wise it will only be pulling either an M100, M105 or M110 at most. I have looked at Siegetek, SHS, Ultimate ASG and Modify, i like the look of the modify ones as they are already apparently shimmed but will they work in the Retro Arms gearbox? Siegetek i have heard never break or strip but they cost a bomb and a full set is difficult to find in the UK. If you can advise me on a motor too, again normally i have used the G&P M120 motor but is there anything better? I have heard that ASG Ultimate motors are rebranded Tienly ones which are apparently good which use NIB magnets.
  12. Bump and Price drop to £225 Price includes Paypal fees and Postage
  13. @Robert James saw this and looked it up thinking "aw yeah another site near me. Then i checked their FPS rules where there was a big fat "NO HPA" >:( Why the hate on HPA?
  14. G&G MP5A5 with retractable stock and the silly pneumatic blowback. Was the first AEG i bought with my then newly acquired UKARA no back in Nov 2014. Since then it has been converted from an AEG to a HPA gun and had the Swordfish attachment added to it. Not my favourite gun anymore (HPA M4 is) but i still keep it around for CQB games. and yes i'm a sensible HPA user.
  15. Make: Armourer Works Gun/Model: EMG SAI DS2011 5.1 (essentially an Salient branded Hi Capa) Accessories: See list below Condition: Used FPS: 330FPS on .20g BBs RPS: as fast as your trigger finger can pull Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No x 3 Price/Payment: £225 Location: North East London (Leyton) Pictures: For sale is my nearly new Armourer Works EMG SAI DS2011 5.1 GBB pistol Essentially this is a Hi Capa based off the TM original tweaked by Armourer Works, it is licensed from Salient Arms International and made for EMG (Evike Manufacturing Group). Therefore it has all the proper SAI markings on both sides of the slide. I have made the following changes to it from stock: Changed trigger from flat silver trigger to a gold curved one (stock trigger has been lost) Changed the slide release from stock black to gold (stock is included in parts bag) Changed the hammer from silver to gold, both are the same shape (stock is included in parts bag) Painted the lettering in using Gold Revell Metallic enamel paint so its water proof. Comes with the following: Armourer Works EMG SAI DS2011 5.1 GBB pistol (duh) 4 x Original AW mags for the EMG SAI DS2011 with correct mag floor plates and red nozzles HWHolster Kydex Holster for this specific pistol in Tan, comes with thumb release lock, bored out for Blackhawk! mounts and includes molle plate, belt and paddle attachments, also only comes with two mounting screws as I have lost one. I have no idea what the bits in the white bag are for but can only assume its something for the Blackhawk! holsters. Certification of it being a real EMG SAI product Armourer Works Hi Capa (HX) mag catch in gold. I bought this for this gun but the profile didn’t fit right and so it does not work, perhaps with some dremelling you might make it work A small spares bag including stock parts that were changed to gold And of course, original box Condition: Pistol was bought in Summer 2017 from a reputable Hong Kong retailer and is in nearly new condition (other than above changed parts), it has been to one skirmish at Red1 Chisulhurst, where it was only taken out tested on the shooting range and ran for one game before I switched back to my TM M92FS pistol as I lost one of the HW Holster Kydex holster screws and didn’t want to lose the pistol out in the field. Most of the scratches on it are actually from the holster plastic rubbing against it Gun has been lubed and well kept in a gun case with gas in the mags, all mags are gas tight as I type this. Slide racks smoothly and shots are crisp. As for accuracy this is debateable, if you have never shot a TM pistol before this may be an acceptable pistol for you, for me having owned several TM pistols this cannot compare to the TM fairy dust magic, I felt it wasn’t accurate enough. Maybe the hop needs some paying with, tweaking or even upgrading, frankly I don’t have the time for this. It’s a lovely gun and the engraved SALIENT wording and Logos have all been painted in using Revell Enamel paint in Gold, this can be removed using some paint thinner or turpentine and some tissue paper or an old cloth. I think this price is fair as brand new the pistol along costs £199 from Z1 and the cheapest UK price I have seen for it is £190 elsewhere, bare in mind that it comes with 4 x magazines and the holster so it’s the full up to get you running. I will not split the package. Not interested in swaps as I more or less have all the guns I ever want/need and frankly need the cash for other financial commitments.