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    Custom paint work

    Well well well thats a good looking gun.... Oh wait that's my good lookin' gun. Thanks again Chris, I know she was a pain. But now you know if anyone ask have you done a Daytona gun before tell them to &#*@ off.
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    That is exactly what i wanted to know, much appreciated and thank you.
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    I know im late to the party here but let me give my two cents for ordering RIFs and other things from them. When you order anything from Ehobbyasia be it parts, clothes or a RIF then i think its in step 5 or 6 that you have to request that they put the UKARA no on the box, they even mention during the checking out process in small print that if you live in the UK they need your UKARA no. Once paid they will process your order and ship it, it you have asked for express shipping they will normally dispatch in 1 or 2 days, if you have asked for non express then they ship every Friday. RIFs or particularly high value orders will only give you the option to ship it via express. Their shipping is normally handled by HK Post: http://www.hongkongpost.hk/en/home/index.html and they always provide a tracking no. When the item arrives in the UK one of two things will happen. Irrespective if its normal or express shipping it will pass through customs. If the stated value of the goods is higher than about £80 (i think but dont quote me on this) then the package is immediately handed to Royal Mail who will treat and deliver it as a normal parcel. If the value of the goods is much higher (such as an APS CAM870 Salient Shotgun like i got) then the item first goes to Coventry where its assessed by HMRC, customs charges are raised, then revised before being released and handed over to Parcel Force. Parcel Force will then have it sent to the National Hub to be sorted and sent to your nearest depot. Once it arrives to your nearest depot a letter will be sent to your home address asking you to pay the charges, once the charges are paid they will deliver. Alternatively you can attend the depot in person, show ID, pay the charges and get the parcel released to you. Ehobbyasia are not a dodgy HK company, they will state the exact price you paid for your goods and will declare it as sporting goods, if UKARA is required they will affix a large A4 sized sheet with your UKARA no clearly displayed in a clear plastic envelope. HMRC VAT, Duty and Parcel Forces Handling charges will vary based on what you have bought and for how much, Parcel Force has a flat £8 whilst VAT is charged at 20% and Airsoft goods i think the Duty is 12.5%, these percentages are calculated on the value of the goods including cost of shipping. In my example i bought an APS CAM 870 Salient Arms shotgun originally worth $500, got 30% ($150) off so the final value of the gun was $350, cost of shipping was $91 for a total of $441, the shotgun was shipped and i was charged £107 for HMRC VAT, Duty and Parcel Force Handling fees. It took exactly a week from shipping from Ehobby Asia to me collecting it, bare in mind it can be slower but a week is about average.
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    MP5: Which manufacturer?

    I *almost* pinged you But the folding stock -.-' However, thanks for guiding me to CA
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    The law is up in arms about DMRs atm, its not a good time to be building them out of a select fire model. It's been implied that those types of guns will, when firing above the joule limit for full auto guns, be treated as converted from full auto and thus capable of conversion back again.
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    MP5: Which manufacturer?

    I suggested it but you didn't buy mine. Shame on you.
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    MP5: Which manufacturer?

    If anybody wondered: I opted for a Classic Army MP5 A5. As here suggested (backed by several posts I read across the Internet), the CA is worth the few bucks more Thanks for the input, guys!
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    Sitting Duck

    Replacement TRMR Pin

    https://www.facebook.com/concepttactical/ http://concept-tactical.com/ contact us bit is $hit - so might have to go through FaceBook which is a bit pi$$ poor but something I guess
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    Custom paint work

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    From gunfire there are no additional costs. What you pay them is what you pay, period.
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    So you want to be a YouTuber....

    Good post, I have recently been looking into the Runcam and mobius platforms, and lences. I did notice in my videos with just headcam, it was boring without a scopecam as people just couldnt really see what I was shooting at.
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    Russian loadouts thread

    Russian loadouts are no more expensive than NATO ones, if you want i can make a guide for RUSFOR kits of all types, from the more basic and affordable types to the specialized and modern ones as well as where to get them, I for example am an admitting geardo and do current issue RATNIK (modern russian regulars)
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