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    Finally not a rental anymore! yes! 😂 Just picked up my newbie care package . 😍 Tracer check Red dot check Scope check ARP9 check Warthog check Time to tinker! 😆
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    When you come down to it it’s the same as prity much everything in Airsoft , why have it ? why don’t we all just have a combat machine M4 with 3 hi-caps and nothing else ? we don’t NEED any of the other stuff we carry , we have it because we want to have it not because we need it to play . Me personally (and I know it’s the same for my team mates) Airsoft is my escape from the pressures of real life , I have a very high stress level job (I’m an A&E nurse and my best bud is the boss of a national sports stadium) so for us it’s our release valve . It’s fantasy it’s me trying to re-capture my youth and illustrious and heroic military career that never were any thing like that ! 😉 So when I play I go full bells and whistles as it’s all part of my fun and games some times I go belt order and some times I’m a borderline juggernaut I’ve got that much kit on ! 😂 End of the day you use and carry what ever you want and if anyone looks down or pass snide comment on it just tell em “go shove your head up your arse youshitspeckledmuppetfart ! “ 👍
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    Custom home made airsoft

    Depends on your mechanical skills and imagination really . i wanted an SLR but couldn’t afford one so I took a king arms FAL carbine , And made my own L1A1 F1 , was a slightly shorter SLR that was made in low No’s for the Gurkhas and jungle warfare .
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    Missing the emoji to show that this was not serious. I appreciate the sentiment and do not take it seriously, especially based on your background in law enforcement. The notional person using the 40 mike is the cunt. However, this is where personal attack is escalated by poor choice of language. Concur, based on empirical fact on the forum. Pot calling kettle black - you are the most aggressive person on this forum; my perception from your tone and the language used. Step away. [That last riposte did make me laugh, my family is always trying to get me away from spending so long posting] I read that as chav / common /plebian language. Good advice. =========== I am putting this heated exchange down to the weather. Currently swearing is permitted but that may need revision because being abusive does not add any value to posts, and this forum should be a place where we can respectfully discuss matters. Even ideas we do not like or understand. I am too busy with real life to start dealing with forum grammar... And England are playing football tonight
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    New Kid thoughts on AF-UK

    Who the fuck asked for your opinion, New Meat..
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    You previously objected about violence against players; yet you now condone unacceptable behaviour. Or maybe not being serious, hard to tell but does seem ironic...
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    Novritsch SSG24

    You're basically paying more for the name. His goggles aren't even safety rated and are priced at nearly €30. I wouldn't use toilet paper with his name on it. His face however....
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    New Kid thoughts on AF-UK

    I've been on this forum now for around 2 weeks and I would just like to say how great everyone has been with either answering what sound like stupid questions. Also suggestions that have been made and the banter that you all love. It's great to see everyone helping everyone out and making new people feel welcome. Thanks a lot!
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    ICS CXP M.A.R.S. carbine.... shoots 345fps out the box and flathopped it today. Looking forward to rocking this badboy tomorrow. 😁
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    Faces to names .

    Well seeing as Duff has broken the cardinal rule of Airsoft and published an un-redacted picture of him self on a public forum (no black bar ! no pixelation to your face ! You fool don’t you realise the risk your taking ? think of the PERSEC or OPSEC danger !) got me thinking , I was talking to a player on Sunday who I’ve known by name for a fair old while but not his on-line name and it turns out we’ve been conversing on the forums for even longer with out knowing it ! So I thought in the spirit of this I’d stick my ugly fizzog up so if any one sees me at a game hopefully they will say hello (and not “ooh there’s that self opinionated shitspeckledmuppetfart from the t’internet I must shoot him lots !) would be nice if others do the same but if not ? Say’La’vie !
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    Nick G

    Faces to names .

    Pah ! youngster ! I am staring at 50 and refuse to grow up 😁
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    Faces to names .

    Here it is unashamedly once more! Ok from the left we have @EDcase @MisterG @leggylicious @gasman myself under his foot laying there like a French hose maiden, far right is @snuff and the other two are some male escorts we hired for the day.
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    So... I actually ended up getting that p* refunded because a HPA Scorpion Evo (with tank and line) popped up and I just thought "well... I want that more than an M4" (which is true, only I couldn't afford a scorpion when I started airsoft) So yeah... Change my last post to say I'm nursing the wound from an upgraded HPA Evo, and mag pouches 😂 One tank leaks but it's probably just an o ring... Not sure if the case is included or just for showing photos 😂😂 Also add on buying an extra 3 mags.
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    Gun picture thread

    Got a bit carried away -
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    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Just bought a TM G17
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    So we have played at the Mall together?!?!
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    The human eye is more sensitive to red light so you need a lower output torch to see what you're doing. White light is better for a weapon light if your intention is to light up the enemy. Of course it's all completely moot in dark CQB environments because some bell end with a gajillion watt hand torch gaffa taped to his handguard will always silhouette you from behind while simultaneously blinding every fucker in the room.
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    petition on knife law changes

    gang members stabbing each other in london do not get their knives from mail order, they get them from cutlery drawers. This will not stop a single stabbing, it's utterly pointless legislation.
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    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    >pewpewpewpewpew..... https://gun-fire.co.uk/product-eng-1152191226-JG080-carbine-replica.html
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    One handy use for it is that if someone turns up with one, it identifies that they're likely going to play like a dick.
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    Help people not take/feel there hits...
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    Gun picture thread

    a couple of bits turned up for the Vector AEG
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    A cautionary tale......

    A solid state grenade is basically any of the training device/grenade simulation type objects like the Dynatex/SWAT VTG, TRMR, OshiBoom, Alphatec Hexgrenade etc etc. When you consider that they are usually a large lump of metal (in most cases aluminium although I believe the old Dynatex is a solid plastic casing) weighing something close to half a brick it'll do plenty of damage in a purely kinetic energy kind of way. If it's an impact device like the TRMR for example and it's thrown with sufficient force to set off the blank inside then you can add noise, flash and potentially burn injury too. At the bare minimum you're looking at similar effects to a proper sized flashbang but you could easily lose teeth. The Mall rules were actually put in place because someone dropped one from the balcony and it hit someone in the head. The recipient ended up in a coma and the guy that dropped the grenade was utterly reamed by insurance claims. Getting hit in the face by one of these things is most definitely NOT "part of the game" and throwing them at any height liable to cause injury is irresponsible at best.
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    Boom!! Just had the call..start a new job Monday...So long 'Universal Credit'..ugh! Can't wait for first paycheck to buy some new goodies...yayayayayayayayay!!
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