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    Here is my child - Umarex/VFC G28 GBBR. I also have no money left. It has taken a long time to piece this thing together but man, it is one hell of a rifle!
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    Thanks again to you all for your encouragement. I'm going to give it a go.
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    Hmmm the old camo larp geardo question. Let me show you the only seal loadout I like...
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    Trying to play with military tactics, can slow down the games something rotten. Military tactics are there as you only have one life and obviously dont want to get shot. On a typical airsoft skirmish you have unlimited respawns which allow for faced paced lets gung ho clear the room action as it doesnt matter if you get hit. There are enough people hiding in doorways scared to progress as it is. What we need is a airsoft skills school teaching people how to say hit loud enough so someone in a full face mask can hear them, teaching people to try to push forward, showing people how not to shoot teammates in the back and praising people for shooting them not calling them and not calling them out or accusing them of cheating as they managed to hit you while you were is 'Supa Leet Tactitwat Mode' (some of the nonsense from yesterdays game). Also teaching people the site is called a SITE not a map However as mentioned for immersion type games or milsims I would imagine there is an (albeit smaller) market, but doubtful a viable business model.
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    purchased a brand new Armourer Works VX0101. what you all think?
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    Don't know what you mean I love drum mags they make it easy to spot the sh*t players
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    As above, real military tactics don't really work at all. 6mm BBs have no suppressing effect at all! Teamwork and aggression are something you could teach though, as most airsofters can't do either!
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    Someone genuinely once asked me what "kill streaks" come with our site rental package.....
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    My "new to me" KWC G17. It has such a nice kick.
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    On SF personal yes but on a nerdy looking or fat airsofter er no it doesn't. If you dressed as fireman and ran round pretending to put out fires you would be seen as weird as hell so why do airsofters think playing pretend soldiers somehow makes them look good. Airsoft is fun but pretend soldiers is weird.
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    Hey guys just finished my gun room , yes it’s my downstairs W/C but still adds something different
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    Morning all! You may have seen the revolution in this thread, where we were fed up with having no access to the official AFUK Patch. I've taken it upon myself to try and knock something unofficial for us all to get our hands on. I've only got a couple of designs at the moment, but I'll update when I finish a new one as and when. These will be sold/distributed for ZERO profit for myself, with members only covering the cost of the patch and the postage. I've sent the designs I've got off to my patch lady and I'll let you all know the price once I hear from her. Design No.1 - Basic AFUK Patch £5.00 + £1.30 P&P I wanted something simple and basic - where anyone who looked at the patch could decipher what it was for (and hopefully lead new members here!). With the little BB being the dot in the website address. Ignore the fuzzy/embossed effect - this is me trying to give it more of a "Patch" look for you guys. The lettering will be embroidered on so it stands out a little. In Coyote and Green at the moment (With a Grey/black one for @Jedi_Master ) These will be around 3" x 2 1/4" (Or 78mm x 55mm). And I'm getting prices for Velcro backing and stitch/iron on. I've got something more similar to the UKAPU Patch on the go at the moment, as @Gepard requested something along these lines. Design No.2 - AFUK Mall Players Special Edition This one is for fun really for any AFUK Members who play the mall regularly. This will be 4.5" across (Or 115mm) I'll try and get the other design up this afternoon. But here you go @LightningCh, @Duff, @Gepard, @Robert James, @Albiscuit
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    This thread has slipped to the second page... We cant have that! Lol I bought a Pinty reflex sight, sight protector in clear and orange, and spare batteries off Lewis last week and it arrived today Decided to chuck it on my Krytac while my G&G is away at the techs for a deans conversion.
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    See here lies a problem for me...the amount of players I over hear saying sh*t like this really gets my goat up, so because someone is perceived by yourself to be cheating you feel its appropriate to go out of your way to go for a place that is probably the most dangerous of places to shoot for... says a lot for that player in my eyes! Ever since I started playing airsoft I personally do the following if I think someone is cheating and not taking the hit... 1. Move slightly closer/different angle to see if its my shooting that's the problem (off aim - we all like to think were shooting real steel distances but chances are were falling short or missing) 2. If I know I'm within hitting distance and the guy(or girl) really isn't taking the hit - look around for a marshal 3. If no marshal is in the area shoot for an area below the shoulders and not protected by "armour" generally the arms/legs 4. If they still don't take it.. mental note of them to give to marshal later and move on to next target... (admittedly it does get annoying when you've moved on and the guy you hit then hits you....) Generally point 3 is where I find I get frustrated... the guys that will flinch like f*ck no matter where you hit them and carry on. Does that justify me then shooting them in the head in an open field... like f*ck does it! the only time I would ever shoot for the head is if it my only target (as per the site rules of every site I've been to), accidents do happen but to deliberately shoot for someones head/face out of annoyance says to me you have no place playing the sport and are probably the type to also kill small animals as a child. I think if your really the type of person that needs to full auto people because you think they are cheating and not just get a marshal to sort it out then you'd be better spending your time in a different sport... or you know addressing your anger problems...
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    So there you have it, the only viable option left is nuclear power.
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    New addition to my collection SSG24
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    I got bored one night so took some "nice" pictures of my two primaries: If I'm playing outside then I'll stick a scope on the Recce. The little G&G Wasp tends to have my GoPro session Velcro'ed to the top of the rail (where the white bit is).
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    This one looks good: https://www.athleticsdirect.co.uk/product/olympic-6-starter-pistol-22/
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    Pretty damn rare Platatac UKSF Afghan NDS advisor kit: smock, CUTs and pants. Apparently issued to the SRR when they were working with the NDS. Bought over from Oz, only taken out of original bags for pictures. Am torn whether to use, keep nice or sell. However, apologies for the bed throw!!!
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    Thanks dude. It matches with my ex’s personality.
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    Thanks for all the replies. Seems like a bit of split opinion. We appreciate that not all military tactics would transfer to airsoft but feel some CQB ones definitely could. We both did the CQB instructor course and feel, especially, that working in pairs or teams and stacking up before and when entering a room etc (juding by earlier comments). We have managed to secure a few bookings so we will see how it develops.
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    Just finished putting this TM Patriot together for a friend of mine. After he played with my daughters, he decided he had to have a 30rps CQB weapon lol
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    Everyone in the thread at the moment:
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    Military tactics do not work in airsoft.
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    The one day I played at South Coast had the worst standard of play of any site I've played at in the last 4 years. Hot guns(I had scars on my thigh from being shot at around 30 metres by an AEG for 6 months and we watched people fail chrono to be told it was fine), people slowly drawing and shooting on you after being hit, people being extremely aggressive when shot and even someone full autoing someone whilst he was dead and waiting just outside the game area. The biggest problem I've come across is where there are assumptions made about what someone else is doing, which I think ties in with what I've quoted you saying. For instance if you think they are cheating you start overkilling everyone or shooting their head "so they feel it" and i've seen a clear rise in people deliberately aiming for the head in the last couple of years after all the conversations online about shooting people in the head if they "cheat". Problem is unless you know for a fact they are cheating you are just being a dick. Not to mention site operators that think people shouldn't be banned if they are a regular or make mediocre youtube videos. Funny how sites that just ban people for this behaviour don't have nearly the amount of issues with suspicious players. I actually think it's a shame full auto is generally banned in CQB but I can see why as all it takes is a few people being silly. However, the players that spam the trigger really hard on semi tend to have awful trigger discipline so will merrily keep shooting you for a while after you shout hit and raise your hand so I don't think it really eliminates much overkill.
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    I've decided that I'll design a new, independent AF-UK Patch. Waiting to get an official one is not worth it. Give me an evening and we'll have a new unofficial patch.
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    Walther PPK/s, a birthday present for a friend of mine
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    Just seen Patrolbase post this on their Instagram! I've got to say... I LOVE IT! That'd be well fun to use.
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    Good god man do not worry about how you come across and just say what you think, honesty is the best policy and all that. Anyway you are a million miles off the offensive benchmark, I set that high to give the rest of you plenty of wriggle room.
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    Because in their delusional state they think it makes them look cool. It is what happens when you live in a little land I like to call fuckwitdom. Maybe they feel the need to protect their identity so they don't get assassinated by Islamic State while they are stacking the beans in Tesco?
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    To be clear? Your asking for money so we can buy you a gun? Best of luck... *grabs popcorn* Jedi, please give me an hour or 2 of enjoyment before you close this
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    Your new? electric every time... i give the following reasons; - entry price (cheaper to get started on for the gun as well as mags) - reliability (no worries depending on weather, it’ll just work) - maintenance (less required from skirmish to skirmish) - power source (you just charge all your batteries up and go, no additional consumables purchase etc) its an an easy decision in my opinion for new players...
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    Thank you to everyone for all the advice. I went with reliable. Because I'm cack handed! I love my wife! Rather than getting mad at me, she bought me a new gun So I'm now the proud, yet slightly scared new owner of a GHK G5.
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    This reminds of my favourite part of airsoft. Watching the gear whore bragging about how much they have spent and how special it all is then go into game and get owned by the guy rockin a hoodie and JG G36.
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    There's already enough tacticool players who think they're Marines, last thing we need is to solidify their delusions by sending them on a training course run by a genuine badass.
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    Heh. I was playing at the Depot on Sunday and putting shot after shot through a gap in the showroom walls into the back of some cheating fecker who was just ignoring them. Then I remembered that they'd put up perspex there a few months back. Really clean, it was...
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    Yep been on the end of a lot worse, normal for any cqb site that allows stupid people to play i.e. airsofters.
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    He throws TRMR’s at his feet and doesn’t take hits. you know he’s a dick when the marshal comes up to you and says ‘see him over there... if your gun were to slip into full auto when you shot him, I wouldn’t really mind’ lol
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    Getting better by the minute. Welcome to the club, we had jackets, they won’t let us wear them anymore.
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    Next forum meetup we should have a fight club in the safe zone if I’m honest.
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    This is Trigger. Trigger isn't like other people on forums. Trigger doesn't care if his opinion offends you. Be more like Trigger.
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    What's wrong with kitchen knives? Bloody kids today, so fickle.
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    An olive/black set up is no worse camoflauge than MARPAT or DPM or Multicam or pink in woodland. It's airsoft. You'll nearly always see the enemy. You aren't engaging at 600mtr range.
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    To all the guys saying about carrying tourniquets for first aid ‘just in case’ don’t , firstly the chances of you coming across a wound that would need one are astronomically stacked against it happening , I was an army medic and am now an A&E nurse and in 30+ yrs I’ve only ever need to apply one once and that was too an Iraqi who’d stood on a land mine and taken his leg off . if your not PROPERLY trained to use it your putting any casualties at greater risk than they already are as an incorrectly placed tourniquet can increase bleeding not stop it . Even if someone impales them selves on something it very very unlikely there going to need one. Rule No1 of any penatrating wound DO NOT REMOVE THE OBJECT . RULE No 2 if it has been removed apply direct pressure to the wound and keep the pressure on until qualified help arrives . The CAT tourniquets were designed to deal with traumatic amputations not penatrating wounds .
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    In terms of breaking bones, the airsoft gameplay you see on youtube is often when they know they feel like a mad dash around so they set the camera rolling for that bit. What you often don't see in the background is all the other people casually making their way around the map, defending a few spots here and there. Not everyone is going full rambo all the time! Defenders are always welcome - I've played many games where I've probably only travelled a hundred paces, then set up my gun on a bipod and "hunkered down" at a good spot. The sites I've played at there are people from all walks of life - fathers and sons, even grandfathers and grandsons, some in peak physical condition, some in not so peak physical condition - even had someone who'd made a painted plywood miniature tank, complete with mounted machine gun, out of their mobility scooter! It could be a great social platform for him too. I read up on the Marfan Syndrome with the link you sent, and in terms of broken bones and major injuries, the risks are no higher than playing in a playground - as long as he's mindful and careful where he treads (many sites are in woodland with sticks and tree roots coming in and out of the ground), I'd say the most danger he's in on that front is tripping on something. In terms of the actual "getting shot" bit, and BBs hitting the skin, I've only ever seen one case where a BB has broken the skin, and that was where someone took a sniper BB to the eyebrow (ouch!). Personally, I've never had any bruises or welts, save a couple of dreaded knuckle-shots that we've all had, but it isn't a even a patch on paintball. The actual BBs are 0.2-0.3g, with some sniper pellets going up to just under half a gram. Personally, I'd recommend he absolutely tries airsoft, but I also offer the following recommendations: Wear jeans and a long sleeved shirt under a BDU/ACU set - I do this in colder months and when a BB hits me, it merely feels like a tap, doesn't hurt in the slightest. Many ACUs are also made of ripstop material which helps protect against brambles and the like. Wear tactical gloves - protect his hands from any incoming BBs, again it will feel like a tap. Wear full face protection - no pesky forehead or eyebrow shots! Eye protection is mandatory on all airsoft sites, but I suggest getting full face protection. Maybe add a snazzy shemagh in to the mix too to protect around his neck. Looks the part too! Wear good boots with ankle support (think good walking/hiking boots) to minimise the risk of twisting his ankle on a root or something. Ask to hire or borrow a lightweight SMG with a sling - those of us who like the realism have full metal bodied M4s and even machine guns, and they weigh a lot to carry around. A plastic-bodied small AEG would be ideal for him if he gets weak after long periods of muscle use so as to not put any undue pressure on his wrists, arms or shoulders. If you tell me your location I could recommend some good local sites with excellent marshalls. Also, how old is he (don't know if you've said, might have missed it)? Depending on his size, I could also recommend some good inexpensive clothing to start him off. I hope this has provided some useful information for you, any questions feel free to give me a shout!