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    Not sure if I ever shared the end result of my GHK/RATech M4, but here it was. Built from the ground up, the only GHK parts left were the magazine, hop up and FCG. Oh and here was the end result of my KWA Kriss Vector 'rifle' build. I just really like customising stuff
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    Just finished my mk14 project
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    It is illegal, neither of you have a defence to import a RIF. Do not try it or think that you can circumvent the law. Any guns will be seized by UK Borders / HMRC and destroyed; travelling from that part of the world will raise security considerations..
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    My opinion is that I look forward to your next post of: "How to improve range and accuracy on my Nuprol Pioneer?" With Jedi then reminding you to use the search feature... Again...
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    If there's one thing I like to skimp money on it's my invaluable, irreplaceable eyesight. As the others have said: Buy goggles with the proper ratings and please stop suggesting eye protection that doesn't have it - it's dangerous.
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    Santa has been early. JG SL8. 5 low caps Madbull Bucking Holo sight for my Famas/ACR 11.1v Lipo for my CXP-15 Knee pads and boonie hat in CCE Extra long rifle bag. The scope is mounted quite high so I cant zero the crosshairs. I need to either get low profile scope mounts or a lower profile rail. Not sure which yet!
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    My SCAR with its EGLM. Heavy as f*ck to carry around for too long and the shells almost always seem to fail right when you need them the most but it DOES look cool AF.
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    A JG Skorpion, for funzies. And I have a feeling that Santa will be looking closely into that request.... .....(Santa's me. I've already ordered it.)
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    A speedy recovery from emergency spinal operations...Came as unpleasant surprise two weeks ago. I wish for the above so I can start my new job and get back to playing airsoft..
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    Exactly this. I remember at op blue fox 2 at the fire service college my team were given a sniper to deliver to the top of a tower so he could provide us with intel on the next building we were due to hit... except when I asked the sniper what frequency he was on he didn't have a radio.... needless to say he was informed that he was about as much use as a chocolate fireguard and that we would not be delivering him to the top of a remote tower. If you're gonna play the 'sniper' role, be able to do it, and make sure that role is actually useful. If you're gonna be a designated marksman to roll with your team to take the slightly longer shots then I can see it being handy, if maybe not as effective as just another guy with an AEG.
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    And we're tired of you. I feel you'd be better suited over at Zero-in.
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    I try to advise people not to go nutz on upgrades for various reasons..... I also try to put stuff in an easy to understand context: The first car example works quite well pimping out a pile of $hite 2002 Punto (anybody who is say 25+ will/should fully get what I mean) First of all if you can afford a Krytac then in most cases buy a bloody Krytac !!! There is NO REAL POINT in buying a £150 gun and spending £150 on it in most cases MOST CASES = if you are not going to do the work YOURSELF AND are very good/competent then forget it If you get somebody to do loads of upgrades (most may not be really needed) it will cost extra If they are going to pay a decent amount of time & detail into getting the very best out of it - IT WILL COST !!!! I could go on & on & on & on (and I have many times...) but in the end the term " if it ain't broke - don't try to fix it " covers a LOT of what I could mention in many cases WAIT until it needs attention and then decide how to overcome a problem (rather than create more problems that don't really exist) As for Cyma barrel/hop/bucking - leave it as is if all working fine the barrel is pretty decent - the hop ok if it starts going a bit crap then you might consider a G&G green bucking but only if old one is torn or crap Accuracy/range is mainly down to: ROUGHLY PUT BTW.... 50% bucking/nub 25% x 2 barrel & hop unit effectiveness or compatibility (not getting real actual percentages here coz it will vary in many builds for a start but a rough ball-park basis) The bucking/nub is where the backspin/magnus is created - without this you got jack squat yes how everything works translates also into range/accuracy but I'm trying to roughly indicate what is what You will not see a $hit review of G&G bucking - "worst bucking ever... lost 25m" etc.... unless real bad luck compatibility or most likely just poor fitting by user BUT that does not mean yet again everybody rush out and buy a G&G bucking if gun is ok as is (remember the "if it ain't broke......." recommendation) what I mean is like many things - WAIT until it goes pear shape - THEN maybe replace stuff with good/better stuff Ahhhh - I'm waffling again, do what like, it is your gun I suppose
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    The attitude in this country, particularly from sub-30 year olds, is quite depressing. In the UK, even post Brexit, you will have a better standard of living, education, wealth, opportunity etc than about 90% of people on the planet, and thats just your average Brit. Brexit is an incredible opportunity for the entire country and personally I cant wait to seize the countless opportunities that will become available. Staying in the EU would have been a monumental act of cowardice that luckily just enough people realised to save the rest of the country. The EU is just about ready to implode and my only regret is that we cant move another 30 miles farther out to sea.
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    We're still in the single market, and Sterling hasn't plummeted by nearly as much as those rises. GBR -> Euro was 1.30562 the night before the referendum. Today it's 1.13763. I make that a 12.87% drop, not 20%, 40%, or 300%. So I'd have to conclude that you're getting gouged by profiteers. I'm sure they'd all tell you that they're getting gouged too, but someone is quids (or Euros, or Yuan) in. That's the nature of a competitive economy - winners and losers, and nobody is out to do anyone any favours. If this sounds harsh or non-understanding, I've been in three companies to date that have crashed and burned, and nearly lost my house last time round. I do sympathise, and hope it works out well for both you and the missus. But the brutal reality is that job security or a particular standard of living aren't human rights, and that change is an opportunity for the lucky, the agile and the ruthless. We can either try and command the tide to stay out, or we can enjoy the surfing. And if we're very, very lucky, maybe one day soon we'll be able to buy taxpayer subsidised, union built cars from a resurrected British Leyland.
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    Don't really care what facts & figures people get from what websites or media sites, the following is what I am dealing with day to day in my job, I don't pretend to be an expert economist or anything I just comment on what I know for sure and what are being discussed in meetings & inter company groups that I am a part of. I am a buyer with a £1.8 million budget & pretty much all the things I buy for my company has risen sharply since the Brexit vote. ie: a rubber gasket seal that I buy in bulk has risen from 98p to £3.20 this is a seal that our 24/7 factory would grind to a halt if we ran out of. mechanical parts for certain machines we use has gone up 5% and we have received letters to tell us in the next year to 18 months will rise a further 15%. Filters and consumables are set to rise by up to 40%. And raw chemicals are set to rise too, forcing our company to reconsider its product range price which will definitely effect the building industry and the cost of building houses and commercial buildings, I know our competitors in the UK are experiencing the same price increases so this looks like it will be across the board. My employer cant raise my budget to cover these price hikes due to the weakness of the pound so the dreaded term of streamlining has been mentioned in meetings that I have attended. I have to say that manufacturing is up at the moment but the profit margins we are seeing as a major UK manufacturer is much lower than hoped and with more price increases planned it looks pretty poor to say the least. I know at top management level the cost of a major relocation to mainland Europe has been costed and is being seriously considered which would put over 2000 people out of work and 4 Uk factories will shut, this will have a knock on effect with smaller firms that rely on us as their biggest contract's who would be either forced to downsize or close all together. This isn't opinion by the way, There is a few guys I work with who voted for Brexit and was very vocal when the result came out are now very worried about the impact of what this all means to their jobs and future of our industry. Its a pretty bleak time for me personally as my other half has built a very good career in Financial services and her company is also looking to relocate. She is by far the highest earner in our house, earning over double my income so if the company she works for leaves and she decides to stay in the UK we would be financially crippled & our plans for the future would have to be scrapped. So we also may consider a relocation in the future. Maybe because I'm looking down an abyss and being pessimistic I honestly cant see how we as a country will get through this whilst retaining out status in the world. I know for a fact that the UK may be downgraded to a "Third country status" which basically puts us on the "Shady list" when it comes to international credit which is extremely bad. And I find that very worrying when it comes to future investment in the UK. I know some of you will read this and take it with a pinch of salt, that's fine I'm not trying to convince anyone or change their opinions, but I am writing what I know for sure and what I am seeing day to day which just seems to be getting worse than I'd ever hoped it would be. I wish it was better news to be honest.
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    I'm a producer and an exporter. My costs have come down, I'm more competitive now. You're welcome.
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    One from this weekend at drakelowe tunnels, really nice fun site. Very well run.
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    Hi guys, MG4 (LLM vr is replica) G3 G36 ES version (LLM vr replica) P8 (LLM pi replica) Our page: https://www.facebook.com/BW371/
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    G&P based on pics of the SAS during the first Gulf War.
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    Geoff’s BB’s are good. Lots of people use them in GBBR’s because they seem to take the beating well. I use those or the little tubs of heavy ASG BB’s. They’re both nice and consistent with no air bubbles inside
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    Will you be strapping this to your Honzuki 125 as well as your sniper rifle and LMG?
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    Sorry, but I think we're all avoiding the elephant in the room here ?....... Namely WTF is a BUGALRY, is it an offence committed with the use of a small trumpet
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    This ain't the "What did you almost buy" thread mate (if there was, I'd have 1000 posts in it! ) Quickly go buy a packet of polos or something and post a photo to earn forgiveness
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    Welcome to the endless money pit of airsoft! TM 416 is a great choice, no reason to upgrade it straight away. Take it to a few games, see how it performs as standard and then decide if anything needs to be changed. If it isn't broke, don't fix it! Gear wise, you get what you pay for. Your essentials should be your eye protection and boots. These are the two items that I believe you should invest in. Get something with nice ankle support for boots! In terms of other gear such as tactical vests, plate carriers, etc... there are a ridiculous amount of brands out there. Warrior Assault Systems, although pricey, is designed for real world usage so it'll last you forever in airsoft. FLYYE is another excellent brand, specifically for airsoft. If you don't want to spend much, Viper and Condor and 8fields may be worth a look. British Army surplus gear is also a fantastic option. Cheap, plentiful and definitely good enough for airsoft. However, none of this stuff is really essential. Just need the aforementioned boots and eye protection, as well as some way of carrying your magazines about. Everything after that is just luxury really! A mesh lower face mask will keep your teeth in your mouth so that is another recommendation. A simple beanie, boonie or baseball cap will be fine for your head. Before buying gear though, assess your gameplay and see what needs you have to accomadate, much like your gun situation. If you run around a lot, etc then maybe a lightweight setup is the best for you, for example, rather than buying something that resembles a juggernaut suit.
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    Everyone wants a 40mm until they have to carry it out there on the front of the gun all day (where it effectively weighs the most it can). Tried it, took it off again, as per above and I know loooooads of people who've done the same. I've tried the TAG stuff as well, at a 45 degree launch angle I'm pretty sure I got the timed detonation rounds to go well over 100m. As above though you need to contact the sites you'll be playing at, I've never personally seen them used at a regular skirmish, only milsim/big weekenders and some even then don't allow them. Then if you actually have a place to use them, get a standalone launcher of some kind. Something like an M79, M320 with a stock, EGLM or M203 with their specific standalone adapters.
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    VCRA defence, UKARA is a retailers' association with a database. It's been over a decade since this law was past, anyone who still doesn't doesn't get it needs to go and do some reading. Don't ask other people who don't know what they're talking about, go find some proper articles and look up the actual act on the government website; it's right there, easy to find and not that complicated to understand the basics. If you don't have a defence from prosecution under the VCRA laws, don't manufacture, import or attempt to purchase a RIF. Being on UKARA's database is not the only defence. I'm not going to start talking about the false economy of 8fields, nuprol and viper vs surplus issue kit or hunting down quality stuff for the same price 2nd hand, because that's a lesson most people have to learn for themselves.
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    Oh for the love of Pete, will you stop making these useless threads. Accessory reviews, surprisingly, go in the accessory reviews sub forum https://airsoft-forums.uk/index.php?/forum/34-accessory-reviews/
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    There is no licence. Only a defense (UKARA, site membership, etc). If your mate doesn't have a defense then he won't be able to import his RIFs. If you could that would kind of defeat the entire point of the system.
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    Won't happen. We all feel the impact of Brexit in our wallets. If you have less money, you buy cheaper. Keeping the same standard of living is coming before supporting the UK economy. Yes, in the long run this will affect our wallets more but that doesn't matter with day to day decisions.
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    50 years young, got into this peew peew coz of my 14 year old army cadet COD dolphin diving kid a few years back Now 18 chasing girls & boy racer wanaabe tw*t & knows it all - usual stuff (I'm only jealous coz I was exact same) I'd lay money that is mainly down to the G&G's superior green bucking - that is about £9 on its own Then again a Tokyo Marui kicks ar$e @ 300fps - just setup better I guess Well I ain't doing one - hate having my picture taken and most reviews on YouTube are twats spending 10 minutes getting the f*cking thing out of the box praising how high quality it all is - ahh the "feel the quality, full metal (plastic)" JBBG JambWow vids (loved the way he can use a whole 5,000 bb's to fill a 450rnd mag spilling most of it on the floor (best place for his bb's)) Besides if you do review you got rip the product some $hit coz nothing is ever perfect (trouble is I go to town a bit too much some times) PLUS - the way I rant on any vid would be like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter coz I'd have to split it up into so many parts
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    Full face protection. FULL. FACE. PROTECTION. Not glasses and a mesh lower, something like a paintball mask. Loads of site insurances demand proper full face for anyone under 16, some under 18.
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    Jason, I'll be honest with you, search Nuprol and you'll get a lot of negative feedback. They are rebranded guns from a plethora of companies, and, from what I have seen, their quality control is sh*t. We had a guy just like you on site, brand new Nuprol gun that a shop had recommended to him over the G&G cm16, first game out, it stripped the piston, he took it back, second game out, something else broke(don't know what it was as he swapped and didn't find out). At this point we told him to take it back and get a g&g. If I was you, and I don't mean this to be harsh, but take it back for a refund, and get a g&g to START with. Reason being- Robust, cheap, hold their value well(so you get most of your money back when you know what gun you really want) and the sell like hot cakes because they are so universally loved. Before asking anymore questions, take some time to search the forums for your questions, and read the stickies, you'll learn loads, and won't be such a newb(no offence). The guys/gals on this forum are really knowledgeable, and when they get asked the same sort of question every week, their patience begins to disappear, as I'd hope you could imagine. Hopefully you can see what I'm trying to tell you, All the best.
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    This gets asked a lot so I'll be brief. Play a few games with him if you haven't already using rental kit before you start spending hundreds on something he may not even like. Under 18s are required to wear full face protection such as paintball masks. CYMA, JG and G&G make decent starter guns at low prices. I'd avoid a sidearm for now. They're typically not needed and rarely get used. One high cap magazine can last an entire round if you're not too trigger happy. If you're doing a lot of reloading a battlebelt or chest rig would suit his frame best I'd think. The pinned posts have all the information you require. I suggest reading them if you need further help.
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    Completed my LCT AK104 project
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    Lol, does that count, I thought it was generally accepted that everyone using HPA was a raving cheat anyway (retreating to my underground bunker to avoid the imminent bombardment )
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    Disagree with any dry firing in the safe zone. Players just need to take the gun out into the game area and test it there. Too many airsoft cockwombles who will ignore safety or maybe should not be in pocession of a gun who will make a mistake; I have had BBs fly past me in a safe zone before. At The Mall they enforce the no dry firing in the safe zone.
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    In the safe zone casually slip magnets into players' pouches to get homing BBs.
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    The two key points are proving that they are over 18 years old and have a valid defence to buy a realistic gun. No exceptions to the law even for private sales.
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    My most recent purchase: Real Sword SVD with POSP scope and bipod
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    For some people too many is never enough! I for starters have owned the following at some point: G&G M14 EBR ***SOLD*** SRC M1911 ***SOLD*** WE M9 ***SOLD*** G&G MP5A5 KWA Kriss Vector ***SOLD*** WE SCAR L ***SOLD*** G&G HK 416 (TR4-18L DST) ***SOLD*** TM M92FS TM P90 ***SOLD*** TM P90 (cant say no when it was free) ***SOLD*** TM VSR 10 ***SOLD*** KSC M93R ***SOLD*** KSC M93R ***SOLD*** G&P M4 (converted and custom to a Polarstar Salient Arms M4) APS CAM 870 Salient TM Glock 22 (converted to Glock 34) Novritsch SSG24 GHK AK 105 AW EMG Salient DS2011 I think the main reason for buying so many guns was to explore and find what i liked or was attuned to. I have now settled on the Assault weapon (Polarstar M4), CQB weapon (MP5 and CAM870), Sniper Rifle (SSG24) and fun gun (AK 105). Pistol wise my M92FS has done me very well and i love it to bits, the Glock 34 was because i saw a Glock 34 Salient Arms slide for a bargain, so bought it and got the Glock for it, now its my CQB pistol. The AW DS2011 was meant to replace the M92FS but it performance was pants so it needs so work to it. TBH I think i have settled now on my core guns so dont plan to sell or buy any more, I am still tempted to get a TM Recoil 416 Devgru but it might not be for a while. Below is the Airsoft Family portrait.
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    There's a simple equation as to the answer to the original question posed and that is Current number of weapons + one = how many is enough Well that's what I keep getting told about motorbikes so it must be the same for airsoft.
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    Tsk tsk, go directly to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect £200
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    There are a few people saying they send many via PF without issue as I have,unfortunately issues may only arise when you claim..same as car insurance.
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    Typically, parts are 50%, RIFS 60-70% of new price, unless it’s a desirable, but no longer available, piece
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    Can't help but think perhaps UK voters (I am one) should have thought this whole Brexit thing through a little more before deciding to : "take power back from Europe" "get £350 million a year back" "Britain is full" and all the other propaganda that the Boris Nigel and the "brexiteeers" threw at us before the referendum. The words "made our bed , now we have to lie in it" leap to mind.
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    Once I'm in the safe zone my eyes are NEVER uncovered, far too many morons play Airsoft and think they're too smart for the rules to apply to them. I wouldn't trust most airsofters to tie their shoelaces correctly, let alone trust that their drills are sufficiently robust that I can have my eyes uncovered around them and Airsoft guns.