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    Started this sport nearly 2 years ago got very addicted very quickly not only to the rush but also to owning rifs, first few pics are of many of the rifs I used to own since moving back with the wife and having to thin down I still have what I think are some great pieces of kit but always looking to add
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    So this past month has been trash (my cat needing a £705 operation, had to sell my gsx650f motorbike) I was feeling down popped into my mates shop, was not going to buy/order anything (went in for a chat ... honest).... then this just kinda got ordered/happened/alien abduction kinda thing Oooh my god is she one heavy sexy beast
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    I've always loved to take things apart, rebuild them etc. so Airsoft is an ideal - if new discipline for me. I have a TM G3/SG1 (my first airsoft gun in fact - bought 2nd hand) which is was a good, reliable pew-pew, but after chrono'ing it the other week - a mere 205fps showed its age. As I have other AEGs in the 300-350fps range and, given the style of the gun, DMR seemed the logical choice. So I set about sourcing a Systema FTK-11 - but they are thin on the ground and pretty pricey. I also had concerns about using a stock gearbox casing with a monster spring and besides, my site limit is 425fps for DMR locked to semi, so a 150 would have ben overkill. Which led me to Guardena. An ITK-33 kit looked to do the job, though I ordered a 130spring in case the 120 with the kit wasn't quite up to the job. So, with tools, youtube vids and teardown guides in hand, I set to it. I'm prett mechanically minded (have scratch built 5 cars) so how hard can it be?! The key is patience. Tolerances in a gearbox are very tight and time spent shimming well is time well spent for performance and reliability. Starting with the motor to pinion and then onwards, a logical approach is required. I radiused the gearbox casing etc. and applied pretty much every tech tip out there - even emploting feeler guages for gear shimming. I replaced the barrel with a 'Tomtac' stainless 6.02mm. Never heard of them - but as chrono showed, it was a wise choice (and only £23!). Anyway, without boring you with a complete teardown and rebuild, it was with some trepidation that I first pulled the trigger... But needn't have worried! Semi and then full auto were smooth as butter - happy days. So then to the numbers. The chrono doesn't lie and I was expecting about 375-385 with the 120 spring. The reality - 410-417 with a 10 shot average of 409 Over the moon with this! Even with the stock TM bucking and hop it shoots like a laser and I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of it! I've racked up plenty of kills with it at 205fps - now it's a monster! So, the reason for the post? If you're mechanically inclined, don't be scared to have a go. I'm not trying to discourage use of techs as they are professionals, but it's very rewarding doing the work yourself and getting the results you wanted. Perhaps I got lucky, but I spent a good 6 hours on the upgrade and hopefully that will paid dividends. We shall see
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    How many head shots was it to unlock that?
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    No age limit but the ability to read the date and use common sense is essential.
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    Just got a Hk417d sniper variant in the post today chuffed to bits
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    I posted this in another thread, but thought I’d stick here as well. Its a KWA KRISS Vector, with real steel KRISS barrel shroud, rail and fixed stock mount. Clone magpul stock and Clone Specter 1x-4x sight. Work to do is get a machine shop to rigidly fix the barrel shroud, and fit a suitable tight bore inner barrel. I’m pleased, it’s so ugly it’s beautiful now
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    That was long ago. Now paypal covers airsoft. https://www.paypal.com/us/selfhelp/article/what-is-paypal’s-policy-on-transactions-that-involve-firearms-faq585
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    I doubt it because I reckon your all bravado and bullshit. You made a bullshit claim then you tried to backtrack with a bullshit story, just another fantasist. Christ your bigging up a Nuprol Defender I would feel less embarrassed toting round a £50 orange Ak.
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    Rail mount for my mobius, so it can sit on my helmet and not be in portrait G&G Wasp, custom painted by @GearTech
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    Hello everyone, hopefully this section is ok for this topic i wanted to share with you. Heres some pictures and just a short video, of my display stand, i wanted to show you all the custom display stand i made for my WE Scar L Gas Blowback Rifle and how i made it. To make the stand it was very easy, i used an MDF wooden plaque, some scrap wood, a rubber magpul, an old m4 style gbbr magazine i had and some rust-oleum all surface paint, i might also get some metal letters to put on the display stand too at a later date as i think that will look pretty good.. Now for another project, lol not sure what just yet though.. Happy Shooting All. ATB, Marc..
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    A DTD retention holster for my TM Mk23, now I can keep the supressor fitted.
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    JD Airsoft's customer service.
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    In what way is it the fault of the United Kingdom that your brother lives far away from you? The VCRA is a very badly implemented law, that much is obvious to people who really know about it, I've said that since it came in. Also fully in agreement that the different laws for airguns and crossbows etc make zero sense compared to RIFs, but getting annoyed at the fact the sheeple have no common sense achieves only one thing.. annoying yourself. Quicker you learn to ignore the bullshit you can't change, the less stress you'll have in your life. But many of the other problems you face are specific to being a minor, the UK does not 'suck' for airsoft; we can have/have had various things like Glocks, BFGs and TAG rounds that were previously nigh on impossible to obtain in the US for example. We've got a good amount of players, pretty good amount of sites and a fair few solid and reliable retailers. I find myself more than able to enjoy the hobby in a way I'm satisfied with, you will as well in a few years most likely and that time will fly by.
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    Wait until you see your first tax and national insurance bill, then try to get a mortgage. Cheer up, worse things happen at sea.
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    I found someone in the States willing to ship real steel parts to me. Bleedin’ expensive, and still waiting for the stock, but.....
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    Latest editions bring my armory up to 13 guns lol.
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    Sorry but in my defence I was really really bored.
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    Can you post a photo of the pencil you used to poke those holes with too?
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    You're saying you have an AEG that shoots 4 MOA in real firearm terms, so in the region of the average military issued carbine. If that's repeatable, that's quite the feat indeed.
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    One might be forgiven for thinking you have a slight obsession Jealous
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    Practically speaking, what matters is whether the seller is a nobber or not. Seems like not.
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    I think this was the most detailed and great, absolutely non airsoft answer to an airsoft related question I have ever read.
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    Makes me lean towards just not hitting my batteries with nails.....
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    A bit unnecessary I think as all relevant points have probably already been covered. Its dark and a bit of a maze. It requires a bit more thought to get the best from than most sites. If your idea of fun is hiding in a bush shooting at a patch of multiglam in different bush its probably not going to suit you. Main tactics would involve getting stuck in and having fun. Smiling and being stupid helps but getting stroppy and being a dick doesn't. Photos and videos are generally crap because of the low light levels. Also anybody who thinks they look good in airsoft pictures is delusional. Its almost as sad as dressing as an elf and prancing round the woods with a rubber sword. Airsoft pictures should be in a brown paper bag with the rest of the virgin glossies.
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    This is a UK forum, I know, so I don't imagine a lot of you will care all that much one way or the other but the impossible has finally happened. Airsoft is to be legalised in the state of Queensland, Australia (my home state, lucky) following ammendments to the Weapon Catagories Regulation 1997 (QLD), which will officially classify airsoft as Catagory A firearms from march 2018 under a new 'air guns' classification. The fact that they are still considered guns is a bit of a shame, it does put some limits on transporting them, storing them and using them at home, and means AR's, LMG's, SMG's and pistols are off the table still due to appearance restrictions, but based on the explanitory notes for the ammendment I'm cautiously optimistic that we'll see furthur development. Getting them formally classified was just the first step.
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    People should read the OP’s name
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    Jeez, like you're the only kid who was ever 15 years old. Enjoy your youth while you've got it kid, instead of wasting it getting wound up on this stuff. Airsoft in the UK is ace and once you graduate your teenage years and get your hands on a UKARA you'll love it too. Also, what's stopping a parent taking you airsofting? They don't have to play... I've seen plenty of patents loitering in the safe zone while their kids play games. It does mean they won't get a defense of their own to buy you guns (sorry gift you guns... ) for Christmas though. If you only get one game every three months, you should be happy, your last (and first) game was in august according to your post history.. you've got a game next month to look forward to! Chin up!
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    Planning the same thing myself soon and Bravo One in Birmingham looks like a good bet. The site is getting good reviews and it's indoors so the weather doesn't matter. If you stay in the city centre there is loads of good places to eat and drink in walking distance of the hotel.
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    Ah yes, the "Sorry I've bought another gun" flowers. Good manoeuvre soldier.
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    Hey guys my parcel arrived today which I bought from weaponscrates, tbh I've been a nervous wreck waiting to see if it turned up but tbh the guy I dealt with had been in touch each day and also before I paid he made sure he took my ukara etc... overall I'm chuffed to bits with the service he provided
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    This is me at woodland games At EAG Dorking I'll probably do about 2500 rounds in a day. Half of that will be in the first two games as there's so many people to shoot at! At the Mall I'll only do around 300-400 at most for a day. I can't explain why woodland brings out the Rambo in me, but it must take me back to being a little kids reenacting Schwarzenegger films with my mates in the woods
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    As someone who runs the chrono I can only tell that it's hard on a personal level, but a line must be drawn. I can't start bending the rules because then the ones who were making the effort to play by them will feel cheated. And when a little cheating has no consequence, then that will happen the next time and the next, resulting that this person will always play with a hot rifle. Then it starts spreading, because if he does it, it's only fair that I do it too. And I don't take all his hits because he is a cheater and he wouldn't have been able to hit me with a proper fps gun, etc.
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    Probably me Oh well no fucks given
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    Nice to see this, a lot of people in the field were like "don't touch it until it breaks," I can see what they mean and I understand they are just trying to save me some time and frustration and keep me enjoying the sport. but I, like my father before me, almost enjoy the mechanical side as much as the actual event. I rebuilt the engine of a jap v6 twin turbo and honestly loved every painstaking moment of it. So with airsoft I'm gonna do what you did. Take my time, read the resources and do everything to my gun to make it the best it can possibly be. My mate has bought the same gun as I have, so it will be interesting to compare a before and after. I'm planning on Shimming, AOE, R-Hop, stretch the piston o-ring and polishing everything. I'm confident. I've gone through the pain of straightening valves on a 24v V6. It can't possibly require any more patience than that!!
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    Trigger I f*cking love you hahaha
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    You claimed yards and my AEG cant do a 50mm grouping at 50yrds and I will guarantee it pisses over a Nuprol Defender as it pretty much pisses over everything its been tested against.
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    Back to pics After instantly regretting selling my TM G17, I bought another. As ever, it’s a work in progress, but at the moment Guarder slide & frame with all of the springs replaced with the uprated Guarder versions, as well as the sights.
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    It's OK, I have a Operator Beard, I'm good for visuals.
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    Yep, FAST wearer. Gt fed up with welts on my noggin. Whenever I wore a back to front baseball cap everyone seemed to be aiming for the open bit above the adjuster!
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    Just bring it back to the shop and get a non WE gun before voiding warranty.
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    Shooting and killing someone with a £5 springer pistol. Nothing gets you more hated.
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    yes it matters. If the polarity is wrong the motor will try to spin backwards. In doing this it will either latch on the anti reversal and burn out your connectors. Or eat your gearbox internals. Best bet is to do a diagnostic from the motor with a multi meter. The motor will have a pole marker on the plastic cap. Or pull the whole box and trace the cables manually. Just make sure you mark the motor and the cables if they don't have any colour markers. If you get it wrong it will cost you money. If that sounds like a ball ache, or you don't understand send the gun to a proper tech. Because the gun is not yours tell the owner what has happened. It's a small repair, but if done wrong it will destroy a lot of valuable and expensive parts.
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    If you go drop-leg it needs to be HIGH on the thigh, like cutting your balls off (nearly) high. You shouldn't even have room to get 2 straps around your leg, that's the only configuration 90% of the serious pros who truly know what they're doing will use, if they go drop leg. IMHO, straight belt mount with no legs straps is waaaaay better. It felt like night and day when I made the switch a few years back, so much less hindrance on the leg for any movement.
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    Arrived yesterday, KWA Vector gbb. I may have a few parts on order for her