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    isn't fucking up a perfectly good gun the best bit of the hobby?
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    And it is done. Mostly. My one of a kind Scar-L. Seen here in it's standard and Thermal versions. God was this a PITA to make... preforms well though. Started out life as a VFC Scar-L, perhaps the best looking Scar out there. Then I got my hands on a SRU prototype kit that is made for WE Scar-L GBBRs. I decided to make the gun run by HPA, as there is no way to get this working with anything other than gas - there is no room for a motor after all. So in goes a Polarstar Jack. I had to whittle down the trigger guard, as the WE apparently has a thinner one - the VFC's was too wide to fit. Then, out came the dremel, as the base of the gearbox stuck out enough that I had to open up space in the stock for it. That took a long time, and is one of the few things left to do (notice in image 3 there is a small gap between the halves - I need to remove about another cm of material). Finally the stock went on (the front half required no modification). I enlarged and angled the hole for the Jack's line next, as the pre-drilled hole needed to move backwards about an inch to work. Next thing - the trigger. This kit extends the trigger of the gun to the front half (obviously). Some light sanding was needed to make the trigger pull smooth. Several layers of electrical tape were added onto the pull face of the trigger's triggering piece, then cut to size, and superglued into place. The triggering mechanism itself was too tight, so the front half of it had to be removed as well. This created the issue of the trigger bar not holding the trigger mechanism, so it was superglued, then the glue seal was broken to create enough surface to create friction so it would catch, but not be permanent (as I still needed to be able to take apart later). Then the SRU kit was done. I put a Venom Tech 6.02 TBB in it, and a Madbull red hop that I had to cut down slightly (that thing is tight...). I also got one of SRU's rails, which I had to cut down with my dremel to fit my Eotech (visible in image 1 and 3) I also had to replace both my FCU wire and my trigger switch, as both had broken somewhere along the way. I added my genuine Eotech 552 with the LBC (Laser Battery Cap), a Knight's Armament QD suppressor, one of my 950 lumen Powertac e5 lights on the right rail, a Contour mount for my facecam on the left, a Safariland single point sling mount, and I use my Gen 1 Magpul P-Mags in a Safariland dual-mag mount. It's taken me about three months to make, and Im happy with the result.
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    But next you open a gun bag expecting it to be empty and find a dozen pair of her shoes... The game is up - hang on where did she get the money.... More important - where the f*ck have my other guns got to ???
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    Finished. The second hand bargain bought as a 'doer upper'. I think the only thing that's left of the original is the sight, the outer barrel, hop and bucking plus the flash mags . On the plus side I now have nearly enough bits to build another one. And I'm never buying a second hand gun ever again. Perhaps we should start a thread for the horrors we find inside guns that have been 'upgraded' by amateur techs with two screw drivers and a hammer.
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    Recently brought this little lot as I wanted a project to work on, only took about a day and half to put all together, I customised the butt stock myself, the buffer tube was covered with apiece of left over carbon wrap I had, And this is what it all came together like
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    All that means is you are on the knife edge of normality.Now its time to wait and see which way it goes. Will it be Games Workshop anonymous and learning to use deodorant or will it be waking up in the morning and wishing you had a Kryptek Typhon duvet cover and mad urge to scream contact at people in the supermarket veg aisle in your cauliflower ghillie suit.
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    Problem is, most people have to make their own mistakes, they won't listen to advice no matter what past experience of facts you back it up with. Some days I feel like it's a total waste of time giving advice about guns or kit because 90% of the time it gets ignored; who wants to have to hunt around for deals right? Or buy cheap, durable surplus/2nd hand gear when you can buy cheap, awful quality, 'Multicam' (not multicam at all) plate carriers because that's what the youtubers run (except the YouTubers are in TT, HSGI, Crye, Warrior, FS, BFG, LBT etc). There's a real propensity amongst some folks to start dishing out advice the second they know the tiniest grain of information and that's super easy for them to do in the age of phones with shaky front-camera video recording, insanely simple editing apps, wi-fi in every Costa Coffee and direct upload to YT and all the socials. Almost everyone getting in to it starts out in the hoodie and jeans of course, then too many decide the full multicam loadout must be the best but can't actually afford it, so they buy a £25 chinese PC that comes with 27 pouches, because the person who's 1 step ahead of them who most recently uploaded a 'review' on that PC said it was great without trying it on. Then each person takes 1 step forward on the monopoly board and another newbie starts at the back of the chain, and so it cycles through. The guys who've been at it for 7+ years meanwhile are (usually) either fully decked out in the best money can buy or they're running about at skirmishes with a good quality belt running pistol only or a compact SMG and just a couple of magazines; all of which is made by dependable brands (not necessarily the most expensive, just dependable) because they've had enough of shit breaking over the years. Obviously this is a large generalisation, but the trends are there to see.
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    For me, it's because it's easier to say to the wife: "I've just ordered a new part for my rifle" Instead of "I've just bought a new gun" She'd go livid if I kept buying guns. Upgrading the existing gun is good for keeping her sweet. Plus I'm well happy with my rifle since ditching the standard barrel and hop unit for a Prometheus/Prowin combo, so I don't need a new rifle just yet (saving my pennies for a TM Recoil mind...). Just could do with a better spring in the Specna and it'd be perfect.
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    Started of life as a TM RECCE PTS Fortis REV RIS 12" Dytac 12" outer barrel Madbull Umbrella Corp pistol grip And then some SCAR love....especially in black
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    I just had a look at the collection and realised that I've inadvertently set myself up for 'Nam
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    I remember my early games with my raider. I felt out ranged, out gunned and useless compared to most other players. Reading things online (here included) didnt always help. There is lots of misinformation around. Longer barrel, better hop = more range and super fast bbs change battery for better ROF etc.. I had a complex about my gun compared to everyone else as I knew it was entry level and el cheapo it was frustrating watching bbs float off at the end of their range or dropping at peoples feet whilst I was getting hit. But actually playing for a while and playing to my personal style and using the gun in different scenarios allowed me to learn my limits, just because I could see someone did not mean I could shoot them!!! I learnt to play sneaky where needed to get closer, aggressive where needed to keep people in my range on my terms not stand behind a tree 100m away looking through a scope wondering why I couldn't hit anyone!!! Maybe it was a combination of me expecting more from a cheaper gun / or me not being as super snipey ninja as I thought I was personally I wouldn't have got a raider if I started again, I would go with something a bit better/faster/accurate but by starting with a cheap gun it has molded the way I play and made me realise range is not everything as I can get closer to most players even in woodland than they are comfortable with anyway Sometimes people need cheaper guns to learn how to play and how things work. How many times have we seen people admit buying a AA12 or sniper rifle as their first gun is a mistake? Better to buy cheap, learn and upgrade to a decent standard if you decide to keep it than buying a £400 quid gun and regretting it.
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    Or seeing how they suck at their first games they think: it must be the gun! 90% of the guns don't need any internal upgrade. The 10% is when the hopup bucking is crap or the barrel is bent or scratched. A good clean, 7.4V lipo with deans connector, using good, heavy BBs and setting the hop properly brings every AEG to about the same performance level.
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    Since you've uncovered it you're next.. run
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    It could be simply a money issue. A limited budget meant buying what they could afford at the time instead of saving up and having to wait longer. Or because they did not do due dilgence first and just bought any old BB gun. When they realise that the stock gun is not good enough and have to upgrade it to be on par with other players. Alternately, some players just like tinkering with toys and seeing how they work or experimenting with different set-ups, so upgrading is more of a hobby.
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    For those that don't know distance conversion 80 airsoft metres is 50 standard metres.
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    Me too please. My reviews are not only about airsoft though. I can review food, drinks, clothes, building materials, electrical appliances, etc. If you are a company and can't find anyone to send stuff you put money and work into, free, I'm your man.
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    Plus all the cool kids are making pretty awesome set ups with them. This mass effect N7 themed one is pretty cool (really like the scope) With fancy-pants LED lights in the vents:
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    On the subject of tape, the amount of guys I see doing bodge safe zone repair jobs with with electrical tape, or even plain ol' sellotape is crazy. The secret is Rubber "amalgamation" tape. Plumbers use it to seal leaking pipes. It's black, soft rubber in feel and it fuses to itself so there's no adhesive involved to leave a sticky mess on your gun. If you pull it really right and take your time it can look very tidy, or even a rush tape job will do the job for the rest of the day. I've used to to keep my M203 from opening by itself one day (catch became very loose mid-game) When my flashlight mount didn't arrive in time, it was perfect for fastening my torch to my gun And even made a makeshift grip on an M4 after cutting my right hand on a tree, which made it softer to hold and made do until I got home. It's magical stuff and the £4 roll isn't even half gone yet. I recommend anyone keep it in their rifle bag.
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    Krytac then. Also get LiPo batteries because it's not 2008 right now.
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    Oh they're on top of the penguin.. I left room for you though!
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    I think sometimes people just get comfortable with what they use. My main gun is still my faithful Sig and that gets worked on all the time. Admittedly it wasn't exactly a cheapo when I bought it sort of upper mid tier but yeah you could just buy better but it wouldn't be the same. I have owned all sorts in the last few years Recoils, G&P, Krytac but none have lasted more than a few months and very few have ever made game days except the Sig because it's the one I feel most comfortable using. Sometimes just buying more expensive doesn't get you what you need and familiarity is more important. No gun I have ever used shoots better than it anyway. Can't see me ever changing from it now, I will still buy new guns but they will always be back ups or stand ins.
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    I finally got round to buying some guns! Well, one I got before XMas but never took piccies. The other I got today. Gun #1 (Bottom one) Krytac SDP. Super short to fit in a backpack because motorbike life. Completely standard internals, nothing fancy. Cable tied a Nuprol 400X Pro Laser-Light combo to the bottom. I affix a G&G Red/Green dot sight on game days for the aim. Gun #2 (Top) CA P90. Again short for a backpack, also much lighter. (Half of the Krytac at a guess.) Will be finding a way to remove the compensator to affix a tracer unit for game days. WIll be looking at another torch and sight for it. Maybe a smaller Nurpol for the P90. Can't justify another £80 on a second one.
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    Still being a bit of a noob my self,The best peice of advice i can give to people wanting to play and having no one to go with is just go for it. It put me off for a long time but i pushed my self to go and have never looked back. As the day wore on i got chatting to people, no one judged me on my hoodie and jean load out. If anything it gets easier the more you go. So don't be afraid to try it. And the other nuggets I can offer are have a good attitude and keep a sense of humor about you, don't be fraid to laugh at your self. No one likes Mr. Grumpy boswellocks.
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    I'm with Trigger on this one. I did have a status on here a few days ago where I shared my disagreement of naming guns after watching this review (I deleted the status after realising that quite a few of you probably have named guns, or find naming guns important...) I watched about 30 second of it before seeing the description: "Stryker reviewing his Nuprol Delta Sopmod A.K.A Sophia" The man's pseudonym was bad enough but the "AKA Sophia" bit made me want to stop the video immediately. I see it daily on the airsoft subreddit "here's my first airsoft gun - TM P226. What should i name her?" I'm also the same, cynical and grumpy bastard when it comes to naming Cars, motorcycles, guitars etc. They are things, not people. Grumble grumble, moan moan etc...
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    Thank you! Unfortunately, I doubt the appropriate authorises will actually do much though. Just a shame that there are a few dishonest people around!
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    I am getting fed up with having to order parts from Shield, I've been waiting 2 weeks for parts that show as in stock, when I chase them up they ignore my emails. Please allow us to order from Krytac USA and circumvent Shield who obviously couldn't give a crap about customer service!
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    Any of them will work fine colour wise , I would personally got with the coyote as it can go with most things if you plan to change again down the line it is still usable.
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    My main AEG is like that. Sub 350, single shot and accurate as hell. I use 0.28 or 0.30g BBs in it. I don't use scope on it, just a red dot, because that's perfectly fine for airsoft ranges and I can use the gun for close shots. I don't aim to be a DM, it's just my playstyle. I never shoot auto. Best flight stability for a BB is around 300 fps. So if you shoot 0.20g at 350 that's 300 with 0.28g.
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    I had something happen a good while ago which makes think twice about giving out advice... Man and son are on site for first ever game and they come over and start asking the usual of where to get first gun, whats the rules about buying guns etc. so obviously and I think most people on this forum can attest to this the obligatory comment of "whatever you do just don't buy a gun from anywhere with BB Guns in the name because its 99% of the time going to be utter toss and will break after the first game" I did however offer the location of some shops (Stevenage/Romford/London/Peterborough) that have a good array or two toned weapons at very very good prices for new starters. Two weeks later and its the next game day on our site and low and behold the new guys are back dripping in kit bags and a few guns....15 minutes into the first game of the day and I get 2 lads come up to me asking to fix their guns (obviously cant look at them in the game area so ask them to come see me when we were back at the safe zone as the game only had five minutes left as it was the warm up round) so they come strolling over to me when we get back to the safe zone alongside me is another person that has also given them the same advice as me but may have mentioned other shops online like zeroone etc. so we have these guns placed on our counter and the first words out of both of our mouths were "where did you get them from"..... "Just BB Guns - they were cheaper than anywhere else..." Now I'm quite a tattoo'd fellow and have always stayed with the age old saying that GOOD tattoos aren't cheap and cheap tattoos aren't good which kind of relates here, now don't get me wrong I'm not saying everyone should own top line guns because they are the most expensive therefore amazing... but why if more than one person offers you exactly the same advice would you then go in completely the other direction? This is why it takes me a lot to offer any advice anymore. As much as its nice trying to help people, some people don't help themselves.
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    Best gun combo: -AR57 -Buy STANAG Adapter for P90 -Feed it with the mags that look like they're for an AK but actually fit an AR
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    Depends on who you ask, to some its: A super serious camo catwalk super soldier training realistic military simulation. To everybody else (i.e normal, balanced none table top game playing bum fluff sporting iron maiden t-shirt wearing nerds) it's a rather fun and energetic game. Have fun and welcome.
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    f*ck it i'll jump on this bandwagon, I'll review anything, cocaine, hookers, I hear we're getting the new plastic £10 notes soon send me a few bundles of those over i'll review that too.
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    Thank you After a positive response from UKAC, I was contacted by an admin from Weapon Crates and asked to let them know what has happened. I also contacted the police who then referred me to a fraud team. They now have any details that I could provide regarding Michał, including his bank details. Hoping to hear from them soon. Still awaiting a response from my bank but I assume they won't be able to do anything.
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    Just like the pirate code, these ukara rules be only guidelines.
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    Why in all holy f*cks would you want to? My favourite thing about airsoft other than running round like a juiced up 6yr old is that its the only thing I can do that takes a whole day and the wife won't follow. As for meeting a girl that would be a stretch and sounds like the sort of delusional thinking that should never happen outside games workshop. I have seen a few decent girls turn up but always with their other half only single girl I ever met was the butchest player on her team.
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    Take them to the next day you skirmish and ask around if anyone lost them. Post on the skirmish sites web/Facebook page asking if anyone lost them etc.
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    I am getting better at at ignoring some of the weirdos at airsoft but there is a limit.
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    Everyone here will just say Krytac or ASG Scorpion if you're looking solely for performance AEG in that price range.
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    Tried a new battery and worked fine...
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    Did the Okto Eight Milsim Op Clean Sweep at the weekend. Man, it was cold and muddy. I've heard hardcore milsimmers preach about the games like the CAG ones where they trek 7Km in full kit across Otterburn in blizzards and attack an objective. The Okto one is supposed to be a softer option with the fighting ending at 1700 each day so people can socialise, eat, get warm etc. However, this weekend made me realise the real difference between skirmish players and milsimmers who just happen to use airsoft weapons. The weather hovered around zero all weekend, we had deep mud and it snowed every day. Players were camping, many from Friday to Sunday evening. Now the Okto game is not aimed at Seal Team 6 wannabes. Instead, its a personally challenging game where people choose to be in teams to overcome tactical objectives whilst fighting with airsoft weapons, against a continuing and evolving dynamic movie-style storyline. What I saw was a polarisation where skirmishers who were used to day games struggled with suitable kit to combat the weather, struggled with comprehending rules, didnt make any preparation and got all antsy when things went against them, leaving before the game was finished on Sunday and letting their team mates struggle against a better prepared force. On the other hand, the superior force, who ironically werent special forces wannabes in gucci kit as is often portrayed in milsim circles, were prepared for the weather, were organised in sub-units with slick drills and absorbed the intel, using it to their advantage. They really did demonstrate what you can do with teamwork and good effective communication and their OPFOR had their arses handed to them on the Sunday. There was an APC which was defending the Titanium Mine. The opposing team were trying to kill the APC by throwing grenades through one of its open gun ports, but the crew inside werent dying. I was acting as impartial observer and they complained to me. I asked them to try it again. The guy dodged the machine gun fire to get up alongside the APC in its blind zone and threw another grenade. I couldnt believe what I saw. The lad inside who I felt had more of a skirmishing attitude, jumped out of the rear hatch when the grenade came in, waited outside at the back for it to explode, then jumped back in to live another day and carry on. He really couldnt see my point when I explained that apart from being unfair, this was a highly improbable action had it been a real APC. Im sure its possible in one of the video games he plays.. I hasten to add that the game only accepts players 18 or over, so he wasnt a child. Luckily, this is a minority occurence. Despite that, it was a really good weekend and everybody seemed to leave having learned a lot of stuff about themselves. It might be that milsim isnt for them, but I suspect even the ones that excelled were questioning some of their kit choices.
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    don't worry about "upgrading" a Krytac, get it running right and it'll be sweet. It is a very easy thing to check, use YouTube, loads of guides.
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    Anyway, Ive recently started playing at skirmishes with an ex workmate and some of his friends. My milsim circuit and skirmish circuit tend to be different. Im an old fart in my mid fifties and they are early thirties, but they are complete noobs. Its been interesting because their questions and pondering regarding kit has made me realise how much Ive learnt the hard way about kit. I still know nothing about the workings of airsoft guns and have no real interest in motors, tappet plates or barrel upgrades, but Ive learnt a lot about the suitability of accessories, mainly through buying the wrong stuff. Ive had to temper my enthusiasm because I have a tendency to save up and buy expensive stuff rather than the cheapest possible off eBay and also I dont want to come over, as some kind of know all, which Im definitely not or put indirect pressure on them to buy kit which they maybe cant afford right now. Anyway, Ive tried to guide them through not making the mistakes that I made and Im quick to say I dont know if its a question outside of my experience. I just wish I had met someone like me when I started. It would have saved me a lot of time and money. One of the things I notice on forums is that a lot of people ask for advice but dont really want to hear it. They ask about a particular gun choice and then defend it when people give them a negative low down. Similarly, the OP asks a question, somebody spends 15 minutes typing a thoughtful answer and the OP is never heard of again. Not a lot of motivation for that responder. So, conclusion, not a lot. The value of a physical mentor in Airsoft ? As an OP, Do take the time and effort to type out your question on forums clearly and fully, using a spell checker. "ABC optic - any good" isnt really going to get you a useful answer. Give a bit more information. Do thank people for their efforts in answering your question or at least give them some feedback as to what happened in the end. I know we live in an instant, quick fire, BRB world but people all have lives to live outside airsoft. Its just good manners to not grab information and run.
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    In regards to public perception, I was playing at Eversley once (it was a milsim in my defence) and we had a bit of the game where the Russians were having a secret meet with the rebels. One of the players turned up at the RV point in a Russian GAZ with his henchmen and after a few minutes, AK Toting rebels came out of the trees, barrels raised suspiciously. Eversley has a few public thoroughfares and is located in Hampshire. Two teenage girls on horses suddenly appeared coming up the track, They just rode past this frozen tableau and then one was heard to say "oh look Lucinda, men with toy guns". We pi**ed ourselves with laughter but it sums it all up. Tolerance and not taking yourself too seriously.
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    Either its gets split out or people are a little more tolerant and less vocal. Im not a great fan of HPA personally but I dont comment on HPA threads because I suspect nobody cares what I think. If people are asking for an opinion, fine. Players often post a picture of them in their latest loadout and ask for a critique in which case its fair game, but if people are just sharing a passion, then good for them. Variety is the spice of life and we do that on this island very well.
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    Am not sure if they fit in the BFG vest