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    There was no pew for me this weekend so I figured it was about time I did something to tidy up the gaff. Let's get the guns on the wall! TA-DAH! So......show us yours! (fnarr)
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    Ooh, I do love a good dick waving competition. Systema PTW MAX2; Internally - all boards waterproofed, Tac modded hop, shortened LiPo board, hop mod, KUMI 490 rewound motor. Externally; RS Daniel Defense Mk18 RIS2 RS Daniel Defense QD sling receiver end plate RS Daniel Defense QD sling rail mount RS Magpul CTR Stock & AFG2 RS Hogue rubber overmould grip Holosun HS403GL RS Insight PEQ15 ATPIAL RS Surefire M600 on Haley Strategic thorntail RS Magpul trigger guard Angrygun SOCOM Suppressor. All added up I'm in for just over £4,000 and it doesn't shoot significantly further than a G&G CM16.
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    I spend a few evenings watching TV and numbering my BBs. I then sequentially feed the numbered BBs into my magazines, loading number 1 first all the way up to number 82 last (using mid cap). Then whenever I want/need to do a magazine check I can clearly see how many BBs are left inside.
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    Figure I might pitch in with all the self serving news posts with something else. http://www.ukapu.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Absolute-fps_chart.pdf https://www.facebook.com/UKAPU/posts/1207033006076334
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    Patches came today. I. Am. Ready!
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    bored so excuse my stupidity.... not a belt but holds way more this should do - it is a Michael Kors soz
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    Let me get this right its not a licence but it is sort of? There seems to be a bit of conflicting info going on. Its not this difficult when I play nerf wars you airsofters like to make things awkward for newcomers like me.
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    This whole thread reads like the UKAC page on Facebook.... which coincidentally also has a search function that people seem to forget about. I don't make a habit of reading the mindless fucktard questions and answers on there but when I do I seem to find the few people that seem to have the same I.Q as a post-it note.
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    My advice for CQB is to not worry about what's in the room you're entering. All too often at the mall, you see a gaggle of players stacking up outside of a room seemingly too scared to be the guy to go in first. It does hurt more than woodland for sure, but you kind of get used to the extra pain in a nice way (like eating spicy chilli's! ) On the other hand, you might catch them off guard and take out the three guys giving your whole team trouble and you'll feel like a hero! I've started being more brave and being the point man at The Mall and had more of a blast because of it.
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    Finally getting a decent looking loadout together.
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    This isn't in the spirit of this forum or how we operate. Just as you're entitled to your opinion, they are entitled to do the things they like and to talk about it. The fact it is a collective shows us that there is a significant interest on this subject. You're valid to your opinion and posting wherever you like, but you should try and keep things on track. If a particular vein of discussion isn't for you, you don't have to partake.
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    Not really into doing legit impressions but I've had a lot of fun trying out different Russian gear over the past few months. I do have K6-B helmet to use with this loadout but it doesn't get used very often for comfort reasons!
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    Ahthe classic afuk debate i wanna see me some loadouts not a mass debate
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    Got my CM16 painted, bought a gun case (wolf grey), wolf grey gloves with padding. Oh and a firehawk......
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    Try to buy the tube station in the basement too.
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    £1 = $1.23 ish, then you add on 20% VAT and shipping costs from the USA and suddenly it all makes sense. Blame the Brexit mongs, not the retailers.
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    I think it keeps the riff-raff out. which is good
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    They should fit,not only the tolerances to adjust but the original designs were American thus measured in inches and later popularised across the world in MM RIS is a genric term - Rail Integration System This type of 'tracked' rail began in the 70s with the Weaver mount. The tracks allow for recoil but hold a sight in position better than a dovetail and allow the items to be removed and replaced consistently in the same position The Weaver dimensions are flexible and items can be inconsistent. The original definition used two separate mounts for one sight Picatinny in the 90s was introduced as a US military standard with absolutely defined & consisten dimensions, followed by NATO standard Any equipment designed for picatinny will fit Weaver, but equipment designed for weaver probably will but might not fit picatinny Subsequent standards have been developed and legitimate open source standards have been defined which legitimises manufacturers without using trademarks or licencing
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    My "Get Ready Routine That No-one Else Does" is probably: *Get to the night before a game, panic because i think I haven't got enough food and drink for all the running around calorie burning that I'll be doing. *Go and buy loads of Lucosade sport, Red Bull, KitKat's, Gold Bars and Jerky. *Actually don't burn off many calories or expend enough energy to work up a thirst. *Spend the following week consuming my stash of snacks and drinks at work for lunch.
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    Stag do's have a reputation for causing/ruining, the play other normal players. Once they get singled out for cheating, they get hurt - plus - as a typically excitable bunch they overuse full auto. If you can, try and get a private event.
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    I'm not sure what you mean, correcting that spelling mistake would make absolutely no difference to my criticism.
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    A new sodding kitchen which not only am I paying for, I have to fit. So no time for pew-pew even if there was any money...
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    For all of those looking for a Licence, they can be bought here (no fuss, no questions asked skip straight to owning a genuine UKARA licence) https://www.socomtactical.net/proper-ukara-licence However please be aware I shall personally supply these for a 50% reduction of the retailers listed price. PM for more info
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    Even after Brexit the EU will want to have a share of any UKARA funds = UK Arse Raped Again
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    Isn't it amazing how snapping a £8 valve locker suddenly turns into a £135'ish repair/upgrade :- ra tech valve locker/hammer/sear/trigger all for my WE L86 from milspec Also managed to get a tm mk23 silencer from eagle6
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    Ooooh I think I just unintentionally emptied my magazine I really like this.
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    honestly, if you can't operate a tube of superglue without a talkthrough I don't think a conversation with me would do your self esteem any good.
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    If you don't want to paint it then use tape to cover the bright bits Or... 1 wait for your membership to buy a black one.(what I would do) 2 repaint it , if you are an active airsofter then you have a defence to paint it. You can't really make a two tone realistic as the whole point of it being two tone is to make it look leas realistic in the first place.
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    Please go to a game, borrow/rent a sniper rifle and play with it. Then after 2 hours of struggling, just put it down and play with an AEG. Don't spend money on it before you do this. There is no way to be a happy player with a springer rifle before spending £200+ on it and playing many unsuccessful games with it. There is no way around it. To be able to make that single shot hit, your gun must be good enough to do that, and you yourself must be good enough to do that. Shoving £200 worth of parts into a gun doesn't make it good. Many hours of tinkering with it to find the balance between the parts makes it good. And that's only half (or less) of the recipe. The bigger half (sic) is you. You must spend many hours on a range just learning to shoot. Then spend many games learning when to and when not to shoot and movement. Oh, I almost forgot the time you must put into your gear to make it fork for you. Are you willing to do all this? There are no shortcuts.
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    Not sure the raffle is happening. Hef was meant to be sorting it but it got a bit of a lukewarm reception and lots of noncommittal answers so think that it might have died. As I pointed out in an earlier post people haven't been responding and sorting out their end so the organisation has proved difficult. One thing for all players that I will say is that there is no point messaging me with players dropping out about refunds as there is none. If anybody drops out you lose your money because the mall gets paid either way. This is done because people have a habit of dropping out at last minute and making the event not worthwhile financially for the venue and I am not covering the extra cost myself again. This was made very clear from the start.
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    So 2 days later, I have had no response in private or on here. I have interviewed everyone who works here including those who normally do not interact with customers and no-one can recall such case. I can only assume that this is not the whole story or it happened a long long time ago. Nevertheless if shogunate can provide valid order details I will make compensate him for our mistakes.
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    Airsoft Forums Against Immature Knobs........had others! sorry i mean As Far As I Know...... would post you a link but work also blocks the site....shocking! haha (dont worry i google the odd short hand as well, being old and that or ask my 5 yr old daughter!)
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    Personally I feel debating én masse is the only way to do it. Only fun way anyway.
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    It'll make 500fps shortly before it destroys itself. Leave the spring alone and concentrate on air seal and the hop. I could type it all out again, but I'll just link it http://www.airsoftsniperforum.com/54-l96-rifles/25905-cheapskate-l96-tuning.html#post231865
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    Thats fantastic. More importantly, at the end on the day we will crack open a couple of slabs of beer and listen to everyone's feedback should they want to hang with us on site. We want our customers to tell us their views. Then we improve it for our customers......
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    Can't you muppets read a date? He hasn't been on for 4 months. Nasa managed to teach a monkey to be an astronaut but I reckon they would of given up if they had been given an airsofter.
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    watch out for joule creep on that setup Will, won't be much but will push you over 2.32j on 0.4g BBs if it is 480+fps on 0.2g
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    If I am driving 3 hours to get to an event then I want it to be worth my time and fuel. I do not mind an early start if the day is going to be fun (and yes this is subjective). I had a very bad experience last year of a film sim event that failed to meet my basic expectations, and was the worst day of airsoft I have ever experienced. Far too much time just waiting around for the next scenario (which were generally poor) with a second team of six that just faffed around and took ages to do anything, and very little time actually shooting. Then they wanted to go home early. Overall very disappointing and means I will not return there again. Time shooting and in actual contact with "enemy" is important to me. I do not want hours of briefings, tabbing miles to reach an objective to then wait around with nothing happening, and a long walk back to respawn. Been there, seen it, and bought the T-shirt for real. Airsoft it is about fun and plenty of action. Being an older player I do not want or need long infil or extraction to objectives. Less players should be better, more room for manoeuvre and not getting bottlenecked. 10 hours of play time is good but only if it involves actual shooting, not guarding bases, handling POWs, OP work, walking to next objective, or just sitting around with thumb up arse waiting for something to happen.
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    That was getting tips for a bit of dress up. The wife likes the uniforms and bit of the old Major Ramrod bedroom larp thing.
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    Are you sure its 5yrs? No I wouldn't consider getting insurance as I can't see any benefit. A crash helmet and some common sense on the other hand........
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    I will see your main spring and raise you the bloody anti reversal latch...
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    I've never had anyone ask me to do this, and I've certainly never had to ask it of someone. Echoing the above, I'd avoid this, something is surely wrong. In the event of a claim, you'd presumably have to open 7 disputes?! No chance.
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    (Will add pics when I get on my pc) my vsr mancraft kit airsoft pro 90degree trigger AA hop chamber maple leaf autobot bucking pdi 430mm 6.05 barrel pdi barrel stabiliser 1off 1/3rd of the way down the barrel 335mm light weight silencer custom 3D printed top of barrel hop adjuster (not in pic) custom made silencer adapter custom 3D printed LRB kit custom 3D printed silencer baffles (as quite as the g-spec silencer now) cammo tape jack pyke llcs leaves 4-16x50 mil dot scope (I don't remember the make) my WE L86 (my baby and only the 4th known gbbr l86) we l85a2 nuprol susat ics l86 barrel (modded) ics l86 barrel support and foregrip (modded) ics l86 rear grip ics l86 butt pad custom 3D printed mid block securing block custom 3D printed hop block adapter custom 3D stainless steel printed barrel locating and retention insert RA tech npas
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    Let's all rewind a second. The 'Airsoft Exemption' states that a RIF may be sold to a person over the age of 18 for the purposes of organised skirmishes at an insured game site. Nowhere does it specifically state that you must be able to prove you've already done it. UKARA requirements are a belt and braces approach that near enough 100% protects retailers from any kind of legal issue with a sale, nothing more. To the OP, the Nuprol Delta series are pretty new to the market, though I'd be very surprised if they aren't just rebrands from a big box manufacturer like JG or CYMA. That appears to be the MO for Nuprol.