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    Just a few of my British collection so far. Most of them are still a work in progress.
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    I've been tempted to do a Montreal Police inspired loadout, but I think I lack the flare to do it justice.
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    We've all seen the floors made out of pennies, but I'm going to be the first to make a floor covered in BBs! Even better! Tracer BBs! Glow in the dark floors!
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    My rifles are either end, and in the middle, my partners is the MP5, my daughters the M4 with the bronze rail
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    In order to make it easier to moderate the Classifieds section, all sales and swaps topics will be closed after 3 months of no activity by the seller. Too often sales topics are created and then forgotten; items have been sold (here or elsewhere) or withdrawn but the seller has not made a post and/or edited the title to inform the forum. It it is simple to edit the OP with any extra information or add the text (SOLD) in the title. A seller who cannot be bothered to bump their topic or update its status does not care about the sale. Therefore, the Moderators are not going to continue wasting effort chasing up sellers. Reminder to sellers that it is only one bump every 7 days. A hint to stop early bumping: when you look at your topic, if you see a day of the week in the previous post (at the top left) then you are too early. If you see a date then you are fine. For example, if the last post shows Sunday then you cannot post until the following Sunday but if it shows posted month and date then no problem.
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    Nice collection Jay, here is the rest of mine. They don't all got on the rack!
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    This is the only photo I have of my sniper loadout
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    Haven't been around for a while so thought id post some new purchases. TM SCAR L & Secutor Gladius Glock 17
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    Lads, it's here. The ARES DSR-1! Disassembled and cleaned it as soon as it arrived and it is f*cking incredible!
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    Me from Sunday just gone. Really like this photo!
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    Here is the latest addition to my ever growing armoury. An Ares DSR-1 with 3 mags, a gun I have wanted for a very long time. Purchased from Jason Ke on the forum here.
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    The VCRA doesn't make it illegal to own or possess. It makes it an offence to sell a RIF to you if you don't have a Defence under the act. If you possess a black airsoft gun then you can continue to possess it without needing the Defence. If someone sells you a black airsoft gun then they are committing the offence
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    Fire enough shots there's always a chance you'll hit the target eventually.
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    Not exactly bought. Unless you count bought a load of mdf and some screws I spent the weekend building myself a gun rack. Now I have more guns than I can fit in it, and need another one. Ooops
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    Beauty is in eye of beholder but a tan SCAR is still ugly!
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    I am more worried that I will still be alive when mine gets sold
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    I live in fear that when I die my wife will sell my stuff for what I told her I paid for it.
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    This is my first RIF. I've gone for a battle-worn/post apocalyptic look which I did myself, which will hopefully match my load out. This in turn will match my worn out and knackered body - so a complete match all round
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    Yes, because physics. Also -
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    A duck is not a duck is not a duck; brands vary substantially across their range. Condor have made some stuff in the US to higher spec, most of it is made in China to a very low spec. Every metric you could feasibly measure about this stuff puts the quality way lower than Warrior (or similar) for the majority of Condors' product line. The MOPC isn't really a 6094 either but we're getting in to the weeds if we go down that route; it'd take me ages to type it all out and most people (rightly) wouldn't care. If something 'claims' to be something, but the price doesn't match the claims... well if it's too good to be true, it usually is. Around the entire globe, the fabric, thread, webbing and velcro costs what it costs; skilled sewing labour hours is what varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Lots of TMC stuff on EBA made of real cordura, but it costs less than Warrior made of the same 500D, which costs less than a Crye JPC made of that same fabric, because Crye spend a ton of money employing highly skilled American workers to take a lot of time on each piece. Warrior's made in China but the sewing is done by decently skilled people and it is quality-checked pretty thoroughly, so it's bumping up there with the big boys. I disagree your wallet will be happier with cheaper gear in the long term and this is coming from well over a decade of using and buying every type of gear out there in pretty stupid quantities, however your money is your money, it's not like you're making the worst decision ever. I just want everyone who comes here and takes the time to read to go in to any purchase with their eyes fully open and with a little bit more information to hand; I still fully stand behind what I said in my first post in this thread. Knowledge is power. As is, to speak generally, patience and saving up. Except exceptions don't prove rules. Every discussion board ever is absolutely chock full of "I/this one guy I know uses an XYZ and it's fine" but a sample size of <5 (to be very generous) is honestly irrelevant in the scheme of things, certainly when discussing products from inconsistent manufacturers. Certainly not denying you've seen what you've seen and the experience is a valid one, as I said above, some of the budget stuff holds up fine. But betting on zero is still long odds on a roulette wheel. Despite the way this all probably reads I'm not here to tell people what to do, but I've learned a few things over the years and I think there's a little bit of misleading stuff floating around here, to some extent. Then again I probably have a really skewed opinion so.. f*ck it, ha.
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    This is my VFC 416, hope you like it! Pretty much stock internals, I've swapped out the grip (the hk one whilst good quality was really not comfy), charging handle is a Noveske, and stock is mission first tactical. The riser on the stock is great for the 416 as the rail is slightly taller than normal m4's. Other stuff includes a tracer unit with cover, mbus flip up sights, Sightmark holo sight, inforce light, magpul forward grip and rail panels. I'm running it with the stubby pmags atm!
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    What about the Cyma SVD? To be honest I'd be surprised if anything other than the Real Sword SVD shoots well enough at 450 FPS to warrant using it over a half decent 350 FPS AEG without any modifications. Personally I wouldn't recommend a DMR or sniper rifle to anyone who just wants a stock gun as it's rare to find ones that shoot at all well out of the box. Also 450 FPS is actually on the more lenient side of DMR rules if you look through the sites in the UK, worth considering if you want to take it to other sites.
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    that looks pretty nice my collection so far, the addiction's starting to take hold top to bottom well l96, g&g gr25, we g17 and vfc hk416
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    In so far as it's a plate carrier with PALS on the outside (traits almost all PCs share), otherwise those are not actually anything alike. Speaking generally here; let me lay down a simple fact based on many years of experience. Almost universally everybody buys a generic chinese brand off ebay or 8fields, Viper, Condor, TMC, you name it. Then they upgrade within a fairly short space of time; for any one multitude of reasons. Either comfort, inferior stitching failing or just wanting that higher level of gear. Again almost universally that initial £40-60 purchase gets binned and the investment is lost entirely because it holds no re-sale value and the people who buy this 'beginner' gear aren't generally looking in the classifieds anyway. They're going straight to retailers because they aren't ware there's another option. Some of the really cheap gear holds up, there's no arguing that, sometimes you do get lucky. But then again, a fair amount doesn't and the stitching pops 1st or 2nd or 3rd game. If you base your opinion of something from these cheaper brands on 1 or 2 people online saying it's good, you entirely fail to take in to account the very low (if any) rate of QA checking employed in the manufacture of said products. It's a gamble, has been since this sort of thing started to proliferate and always will be. Now if you are on a tight budget which is entirely understandable and want to choose to gamble on the real cheap stuff, that's entirely your decision, but my opinion formed on a lot of evidence is that if you're on a budget gambling on cheaper kit makes, if anything, far less sense. If I only had a pound to my name I'm buying tesco value noodles, not a scratch card (to take it to an extreme). I've said this same thing in many many guises over the years, very rarely listened to but almost always proven correct. It is what it is.
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    Been wanting to fettle with my Vz. 58 for a while now. Finally (after many expletives) managed to get the front sight off and am going to add the Vz. 58 Tactical Rail Handguard to it. Im hoping the sizing will be just right to give it an almost integral look. Then going to get a longer inner barrel. Maybe even get the M4 style buffer tube and a new stock of some kind.. who knows how this will end up.
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    Now the others really do look like toy guns...
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    It's a rerun of the handgun ban from decades past. The law abiding will abide by the law and suffer the consequences of not being able to easily do what they did before, the law breakers will still break the law. The government must be seen to be doing something to addresss a percieved problem, even if it appears to many to serve absolutely no real purpose. Will someone not think off the children.....
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    This has had several evolutions, but i'm now really happy with it. From left to right, all built on a 'Hazard 4' belt and molle platform : - Warrior Assault Systems 40mm grenade pouch - holding two TRMR with multi shot bases. - 2x 5.56mm stacked with 4x 9mm Fast Mag retention mag holders. - TYR Tactical dump pouch. - 2x TYR Tactical medium utility pouches. - Blackhawk pistol lanyard. - TYR Tactical short suppressor pouch. - DTD Glock Holster - With my Secutor Gladius and Streamlight TLR-3. Hope you all like it and it gives you some inspiration, i run it for both a multicam and contractor rig.
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    Goodbye, farewell, adieu adieu adieu! So I'm taking a job that has a long contract, will involve me moving around a lot, and doesn't leave me with really any chance for airsoft. So, before I leave my lovely family house for a small apartment, it's time for me to sell my airsoft kit. Yep, all of it. If a few years down the line, I have the chance to get back into airsoft, I'd love to, but for now, it's "f***-me-that's a-lot-of-stuff-Friday". Taking a long time to go through my boxes of stuff, find all my receipts, get photos up etc! Have made a thread in the Gear For Sale section, so feel free to paroose at one's leisure. Had fun putting a little gift basket of bonus treats together though. I do love giving prezzies!
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    Hello All, I'm fairly new to UK Airsoft world and this forum. things that I have bought in last 3 weeks are Viper Tactical Warrior Shirt & Elite Trousers. One Tigris Lower face Mask, Valken tactical ZULU EyePro & Nuprol One Point Sling. 8FIELDS LightWight AAV FSBE Assault vest System in Multicam Black. 8FIELDS Hydration System Carrier Backpack in Multicam Black. NUPROL Lipo3 Charger & NUPROL 7.4 Lipo And a Velcro Name Patch in the pipeline is Krytac CRB MK2 in FG probably end of August.
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    I'm deciding against a warning here if you improve your post to actually include a price or suggestion of something specific and not just a link to your site. Please contribute to the discussion a bit more if you're going to also peddle your own stuff.
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    Yes, they'll stop shotgun pellets, Airsoft wont challenge them at all.
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    Bought some UAC magazines bases to finish off my G17.
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    I was in an airsoft shop a few months ago looking at Winchester rifles and Colt revolvers thinking about how a skirmish day playing Cowboys and injuns could be fun. Everyone with limited shots and needing to reload. Shoot out at the saloon, Yosemite Sam taking on pesky varmits, ambush the Wells Fargo shipment, etc.
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    I'll need to be the voice of reason here and suggest that - due to the climate in the UK (and not withstanding your smaller budget) - you should reconsider your choice of a GBBR as your first gun. They're typically more expensive than an AEG and all have certain nuances to do with keeping mags warm, using more expensive gasses in the winter, maintaining magazines etc. that aren't newbie friendly. I'd also avoid doing it on a budget as the magazines alone will run you about £150 quid regardless of which you buy. Cannot understate just how poorly many GBBRs will perform in the late autumn up until early spring. GBBRs are also not as cheap to run - green gas is quite expensive, and the higher powered stuff is more expensive still. However, you might recoup some of that cost in using less BBs. If not, TM MWS comes closest to being a consistent performer through all the UK weather, but personally I'd go for anything GHK. Neither are cheap, and for that reason alone I'd avoid it. Budget GBBRs are also usually a bit crap (exception being some of the WE stuff), but second hand you can find some good deals. Again though, the magazines retain their value and will still cost about £100 for 4-5 or so. Buy an AEG as a starting point and then you always have something to fall back on later down the line. G&G CM16s or some of the ICS stuff is recommended fairly often. Also, your profile says you already have a G&G GBBR? As with all of these 'wot gun' threads, this is a bit too much of an open question: For the best results, do your own research first then ask questions. It sounds like you've not done much at all.
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    @Jay91 nah it seems about right. I am sure they are no bigger than my other mask, certainly dont seem like its going to be a problem. @CARBr6 your secrets safe with us, most of my gear was "under a tenner"
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    -Beyond Clothing softshells -Mil-Spec Monkey bottle -Cross Machine & Tool M-LOK rail -ITA Tac morale panels
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    Pretty much that... Buy what you feel you want after using it. I have spend hundreds on gun bling only to have most of it sitting in a drawer in the garage due to it ending up in the way, not looking right or being incompatible. That being said some well chosen accessories can make a crappy internal gun at least look nice! Your not trying to go overboard, a peq/light would be fine in CQB in fact we would all recommend a light of some sort for CQB and a some sort of dot up top is not needed but useful. Grips are a personal taste, just put a really nice lightweight machine milled fore grip on my Krytac SPR but do not like the feel of a normal grip as the gun is longer and heavier than im used to so will swap out for a angled grip. Trouble is you only know these things while playing.. So to repeat myself get out there and use it then slowly bolt things on is my advice!
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    Those long winter evenings must fly by in your house!
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    Well, yeah, if a retailer or shipping company is reporting people to the authorities shouldn't airsoft players want to know that? EDIT: What wrong with this sentence? Does anyone else see it?
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    http://www.actionhobbies.co.uk/Dan-Wesson-CO2-Revolver-Low-Power-Version-6-Inch-Silver_A10DGJ.aspx#.WXh6iYjyuMo The new Low Power version has adjustable hop.