Swaps Only

All items can be swapped in this forum. Read our Classifieds Rules within first!


The Law


- Your sale must be in compliance with Great British law, especially relevant; the VCRA, which has laid down various restrictions on the trade of IF and RIF, remember the seller is responsible for checking and verifying the legality of a sale. Please see the UK Law section of the forums if you need any guidance on this, or send a PM to Finius.


Forum Specific Rules


- Failure to comply with the rules will result in you receiving a Forum Warning. Warnings start with the verbal kind and steadily increase in respect of seriousness/repeat offences right through to a ban and deletion of all posts and topics along with your user account. Find out more about Forum Warnings.


- All sales/trades must take place between two adults (i.e. over 18 years of age).


- All sales must have an asking price.


- Second hand airsoft-relevant items only. No selling/swapping of any other items, this includes offering items such as consoles for trade. There are no exceptions to this rule.


- No sales of knives, real guns, airguns, or any item of any description that readily fires metal munitions, metal munitions themselves, or any other weapon of any type, aside from IFs and RIFs within the legal limits. The legal limits are as follows:

 - 370 for full auto systems

 - 450 for semi auto systems

 - 500 for single fire systems

 - All others systems, please consult a moderator


- All sales threads must have a picture, all pictures must be taken by the seller and must be visible automatically in the thread (whilst we do allow links to other forums, simply placing a link instead of a picture is not permitted). How do I add pictures to my post?


- You may only post one thread for any one item, if something is swap only, it goes in swaps, if it's swap or sale then it goes in the relevant for sale section. Fully complete the sales template provided as this will also let buyers know your trade preferences.


- Keep threads relevant, only make a post if you are genuinely interested in the item(s). If you wish to pass comment on the item(s), either refrain from doing so or PM the seller. Any suspicions about the item(s) or seller should be sent via PM to an admin/moderator.


- You may only bump your topic once weekly. You may respond to questions etc in thread if you feel the question is important enough (please negotiate sales etc via PM). If we find you abusing this for free bumps we will clean your thread without notice.


- Once your item(s) is/are definitely sold (even if the sale happened elsewhere), please adjust the topic title to include (SOLD) and add a post to state that the the item(s) sold. Do not post sold pending funds or similar. This will either be considered as a bump, or just closed for being sold. We will close the topic as soon as we see that nothing is left for sale.


- If you complete a trade/sale of any kind via the forums, please leave feedback for the seller/buyer, this allows us to see who we can trust or who we need to keep an eye on, the appropriate forum section is here:



Transaction Advice


- When buying or trading, we recommend that you take down the following details of the other party: full name, address, telephone number, email, alternate telephone number (work or mobile). It is wise to check the address is legitimate and that the telephone number is answered by the person you are dealing with. We also recommend that you request a photo of the items with a piece of paper next to it with the sellers username and contact details written on.


- We recommend PayPal for online transactions due to their excellent buyer and seller protection. Bear in mind that methods such as cheque, postal order, bank transfer or other may not be protected and as a result of using them you may not be able to retrieve your losses should anything go wrong.


- If you are paying for goods via PayPal, please make sure your payment is labelled for goods/services. Sellers may ask you to label your payment as a gift to avoid PayPal fees. However, this will prevent you from being able to access any of the PayPal buyer protection services (i.e. if something goes wrong, your money cannot be refunded). Should sellers ask you to do this, it may be better to offer to pay the fees out of your own pocket instead.


Legal Disclaimer


- Whilst we do moderate the forums, it is not down to us to verify whether someone is legitimate or not, and whilst we will make every endeavour to ensure all our users are keeping within the law, you use these forums at your own risk and we accept no responsibility for any loss or other damages that should transpire as a direct or indirect result of your continued use of our forums.


- By participating in our Classifieds section in any way shape or form, you accept that you are doing so at your own risk and hereby indemnify http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk (also known as Airsoft Forums UK/AF-UK/AFUK), its moderators, admin and any and all associated parties from any and all responsibility or liability that may transpire due to your continued use of these forums, to the full extent of your right to do so by law.




- If you find any of the above rules unclear or would like to ask us a question please PM an admin/moderator. We would much rather you contacted us than just went ahead and did something.


Thank you.

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