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We are a combat simulation and re-enactment team modelled on the British forces and adapting the training to meet with the specifics of Airsoft. However, we don’t just run around shooting; we train, drill and learn together to improve our combined abilities both individually and as a team. All our members work through a 5 Phase training program ranging from basic and specialist airsoft military style training along with subjects for personal development such as first aid, public speaking, and schools work. We are not all discipline and combat though. Our core values of Honour, Friendship and Sacrifice apply not only to the way we play, but also to the community we are as a team. We are a family who support and help each other through difficulties and encourage and facilitate personal development in all our Membership. While we play hard we also socialise well together. We are a travelling Team within the UK with desires to travel to other countries to play this amazing sport together, but despite this we are mostly from the South West of England. We offer various unique points that stand us out from many other Teams. If you are interested to know more then pleased don't hesitate to contact me and it will be a pleasure to answer any questions you have.
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