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British Army Ghillie Vest

British Army Ghillie Vest


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Great condition Ghillie commonly used by British Army snipers, marksmen , Anti-Tank and recce elements.

Ready to go! No rips , breaks or tears. 


In the form of a vest allowing you to quickly put on/ take off. Shortened at the rear to prevent any restriction of movement on the legs whilst in a combat environment and allow greater access to webbing setups. Has a detachable hood and the main vest has 3 adjustable clips on the front making to keep it in place. This vest style makes it easy to use with plate carriers and webbing belts , allowing good access to both . One size fits most (Pretty much everyone but 'most' = disclaimer if you're 3" tall or weigh 2000kg etc) 


REMINDER: Ghillie's are not universal to every environment!!!

They are just the base layer and although can be used as they are, they require live cam upon your location of use for maximum effect . The suit has elastic straps all over it , allowing live cam from the surrounding area to be easily placed and held on the suit to blend in to that area.  Once you are done , you pull out the live cam ready for next time. 


Here are some photo's of the suit in use in both military training exercises, range packages and also some photos using a drone showing how the Ghillie breaks up the human shape and has the ability to blend into the environment. Best used with baseball cap and can use scrim netting over the face.


The price is relevant to the hours spent making this suit. It is constructed by individual strands placed together with secure lark knots onto the vest for maximum durability and strength. If you want to pay less, there are ones made of string on ebay that look like cousin it from the addams family. 


Can post for £10 (Large & Heavy Package) .



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