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Hello all,

Today I am selling a, VFC HK416A5 GBBR (RAL 8000 GEISSELE MAGPUL CUSTOM)


Yes that’s a mouthful!

Please bear with me, It is a rather long read, but it is for the informed buyer!


Comes with:

  • 8x, that’s right, EIGHT! leak and fault free HK steel maritime style mags 
  • Replica Geissele SMR Rail
  • PTS CTR Stock Tan
  • PTS Magpul Pistol Grip Tan
  • PTS Magpul AR Trigger Guard in Black

(PTS Magpul is generally the highest quality replica magpul stuff you can get without going real steel)

  • VFC KAC Flip up Front sight in Tan
  • 416c Style 4 Prong flash hider
  • Medium 2-3 Slot polymer MLOK panel (on the bottom of the rail)
  • 3x Replica magpul mag assists


ALL the Original Furniture is included!


(A5 Slimline Stock/HK Battle Grip/Rail with integrated Flip up/Trigger guard)


I am happy to revert it to this state if you want


Internally it has been upgraded with


Airsoft Master Gunsmith (AMG)

  • Winter Hammer Spring
  • Winter Buffer Spring

Original Springs are included and can be installed if you desire


  • A 250mm Tokyo Marui MWS VSR Cut Inner Barrel and Maple Leaf 70 Degree hop rubber (the nozzle now seals exceptionally well with the new hop rubber!)

(PLEASE NOTE: I have not had chance to properly range this since checking, you may need to put a few mags in to dial and bed the hop in)


I will include the original rubber and barrel If I can find it!



  • Condition is EXCELLENT, If I was to put a number on it, I would say it is a 95 out of 100 condition externally
  • This has been skirmished only once in its entire life. I have babied this from the beginning.
  • There is minimal wear to the: Top Rail, buffer tube and a tiny chip on the right side of the receiver near the takedown pin and the front magwell.
  • Internally it has seen minimal wear
  • It will come bone dry clean to be lubed at the user’s preference


PLEASE NOTE: The weapon has a few minor operational issues

 The weapon seldom fails to lock back on the last round or one bb left in the mag

  • This is generally because the stock buffer spring is extremely stiff and made only really for super-hot climates like it’s intended playing fields of Hong Kong, I wanted to avoid making any permanent changes to the magazines and such.
  • The bolt lock issue was remedied almost entirely by using a softer winter spring by AMG and shouldering the gun tightly when shooting,  the A5 is compatible with most other springs of the same diameter. I advise using only the stock spring on the hottest of summer days.

Very rarely the selector will become stuck on safe

  • The easiest way to remedy this is to take the magazine out and give it a gentle tap with the top of the magazine to dislodge it, which is rubber to avoid damaging the finish
  • I have included a spare selector spring from VFC themselves, if it becomes too much of an issue. (I may have borked when I installed the pistol grip) 




Asking for £615 all in


Paypal (First Class Next Day Track and Signed For)




Collection (W Yorkshire)


Part out (Gun and magazines)/Swaps/Exchange: none/none/none


PLEASE don’t ask me to part out at this time!

I am looking to sell this one unfortunately, Sorry!


As for the price, I feel it is fair, the gun alone is £500, with just one magazine, that’s all you get, with a nice ransom tax if you choose to order overseas.


For an extra £115, you are getting all of this extra stuff (magazines are £60-70 a bloody pop!)

You are also avoiding the time and effort that I spent with this gun in addition to my knowledge base.

Do feel free to hit me with offers though.


Additional information:

  • Just look at it, isn’t it the most Gucci tactical looking thing you’ve ever seen? Hell, it looks so good I wouldn’t even care if it worked or not! (Just kidding it does).
  • Using this gun is the most realistic and visceral experience I’ve ever had using a GBBR, even more than a GHK. The thwack this gun fires and lock back with authority, I genuinely strongly recommend using ear pro on your shooting side ear.
  • The current recent weather is an absolute perfect time to field this thing, I fielded this in early February using red gas and the performance was actually very impressive, Leading off of this review posted by another user on AFUK @Comicbook hero (which prompted my interest in this GBBR among other things) my opinion is basically the same, and can confirm that VFC really did do an excellent job, and contrary to what people say about VFC, I am very pleased with this rifle.
  • The 416A5 could easily be argued as the most advanced and up to date military applicable AR on the planet, featuring full out of the box ambi controls, it’s perfect for maximizing your operational effectiveness on the field!
  • As for airsoft, full steel internals, adjustable nozzle and an extremely innovative on the fly hop adjustment system, everything you need out of the box
  • Little information about the real steel version exists on the internet, and most pictures are of the stock configuration, It was very exciting to outfit this,  as I've never seen a build like this one, they are just as modular as a standard AR


Thanks, if you got this far.

If you require any more information Thanks please contact me via PM or message/call me on 07967057776

Stay safe everyone!


extra pictures and videos uploaded soon




  • Make
  • Model
    H&K 416A5 GBBR (RAL 8000)
  • FPS
    300-350 (Adjustable)
  • Accessories
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Wakefield - United Kingdom

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