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Massive Real Sword gen1 SVD package

Massive Real Sword gen1 SVD package


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Make: Real Sword
Gun/Model: SVD
Accessories: yes see list below
Condition: Excellent
FPS: 400 fps
Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: M/M/M Will consider a swap/ px  G&G gmg-42 or LCT PKP, All deal must be face to face only, please pm to discuss.

Price/Payment: £2100-ono
Pictures: yes



Had a few enquires regarding splitting up items, honestly I would rather it goes all in one to a buyer so they have everything they could possibly need since Real Sword are no longer making or shipping items currently (since latter part of 2019).
However if a prospective buyer just wants the svd then I will consider splitting but until then no splits I am afraid.


Unfortunately I cannot post this outside of the UK, as no UK courier will take privately sold rifs to other countries.  I won't dissemble the svd to ship parts/pieces individually to much can go wrong.


I have also found a complete RS SVD hop up unit BNIB. 

Price is £2100 collection preferred, due to weight about 15kg with everything but can post a buyer expense. Will consider a swap/ px  G&G gmg-42 or LCT PKP.

 All deal must be face to face only, please pm to discuss.

Money off if payed in cash pm to discuss.


Selling my no longer made and extremely rare  gen 1 Real sword SVD currently the svd and the parts are no longer made by real sword, no one truly knows why multiple theories are abound but nothing with any evidence. 


So with that being said, if you want the very pinnacle of an airsoft AEG SVD which most other manufactures have copied in some way then this is it.  Not only do get the also comes with a host of no longer made internal parts and a complete set of svd wood furniture direct from RS which they don't even sell normally to the public. 


Nigh on indestructible external and internally always gets, a lot of attention on games days.
I have babied this svd only used it occasionally more of a collectors piece for me.



I am not in a rush to sell.

Any question's regarding the svd or you need more pictures please PM and I will reply asap.


This package comes with:


  •  Real Sword PSO scope. Comes with canvas carry bag scope two lens caps, two rubber eyecup, 3 working radical bubs (green in colour), adjustment screw driver and cleaning brush and has a sacrificial lens protector hidden inside the extendable sunshield.
  • The package will come with this scope instead of the Belarus military pso scope.
  • One real sword spare gear set and piston in the original box very rare no longer produced and originally came with the first series of rifles imported into the UK
  • One unopened complete RS-T3 upgraded gearbox with motor which has a M170 spring, aluminium piston head set, aluminium air seal nozzle. No longer produced and rare does not even cover it, I did not believe they even made these till I got hold of one.
  • Authenticity certificate.
  • Quality control certificate.
  • User manual.
  • Disassembly poster.
  • Original Box.
  • 4 gen 1 steel RS svd mid-caps that are of the same finish of the rifle very difficult to get hold of.
  • Chinese type 85 chest rig
  • Chinese type 85 drop case.
  • Pso canvas scope protector 
  • One complete SVD spare wood kit direct from RS so it has the grip hollowed out for the motor it does need some more work to get it to fit for this SVD. It is also another extremely rare parts to get hold of. 


  • Make
    Real Sword
  • Model
  • FPS
  • Accessories
    See listing.

Recommended Questions

After 3 years of moving the price up and down, do you not think enough is enough? Seen one go for £750 yesterday... Why on earth do you think this is worth over 2 grand? 



Why not it? The SVD not made any more has a fair few rare parts. It cost me nothing to list. 


As for the £750 RS SVD that  on AF it has two ADs posted one says it complete one has not. So hard say if it has sold. There also one for £1150, one here as well so prices vary.


Tell you what you find,an RS SVD package that the same as mine and cheaper than what I am selling, post a link on my advert or pm me then I will adjust the price. 


If you're interested feel free to make an offer, since it appears you been watching my AD for some time.


Thanks for your time and I look forward to your response, either on this AD or via PM.

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