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Upgraded TM L96 AWS

Upgraded TM L96 AWS


  • Price £350
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Partially upgraded internals.

Completely blows the stock performance out of the water.


Upgrade list:

Alloy Piston

M140 Spring

Reinforced cylinder head

Madbull hop rubber

6.03mm Tightbore barrel


Total cost of upgrades: £150


Advised upgrades:

New hop arm,

Trigger set / sear,

Spring guide,



Only fielded once since upgraded.


Worth £400 but due to a slight issue with the hop chamber's cylinder head guides, the bolt requires a little wiggle to return properly.

Due to this, selling for £350.

Easy fix, either tape the guides down or modify the cylinder head. I'd do it myself but I have other projects to work on.


PayPal is preferred

DM for shipping details or collection


  • Make
    Tokyo Marui
  • Model
    L96 AWS
  • FPS
    360 on 0.42g, 480+ on 0.2g
  • Accessories
    Bipod, Scope, 2 Mags

Swadlincote, Derbyshire - United Kingdom

Recommended Questions

Not to nitpick but with a standard hop, spring guide and trigger set. It's not even close to a full upgrade. 



If you can find a new trigger set in stock, let me know😅. Besides, the alloy piston is deigned to fit the stock trigger.

It's not a standard hop. It has a madbull hop rubber, it provides a tighter seal, as I'm sure you know.

The spring guide doesn't need to be upgraded IMO, they provide negligible performance improvement, the stock spring guide is more than capable of handling the M140 spring.


I admit calling it a "Full" upgrade is a bit of an exaggeration, however calling it "not even close" is a bit insulting. The only parts I haven't upgraded are ones that provide little to no benefit.

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Polite education incoming. 

Your inability to find a upgraded 90' trigger set and matching piston is entirely a moot point. 

The stock trigger set with its 45' sear will break with an m140 spring. You haven't even listed that you have at least installed an upgraded sear. So yeah fun times a coming there. 

The spring guide is required to keep that now much stronger spring straight and true within the cylinder. Reliability, not performance. 
Additionally, you haven't even mentioned if you have upgraded the cylinder. So I will assume you haven't. 
That means you have yet another weak point being up under increased strain it was not designed to take. Being stock TM, will be monkey metal. So will either swell or rip, most likely by the handle. 

The stock hops on TM the snipers are ok, the changing the rubber is a nice step. Sadly, the stock arm will not give you the consistency you would desire from a sniper hop.
Again, you haven't listed a nub change. So potentially you are not even applying the pressure to the upgraded rubber effectively. 

In terms of seal. A little grease or ptfe tape will make an already good stock rubbers seal perfect.

You have done just over the bare minimum to upgrade the power.

Good luck with the sale. 




Fair enough.

I'll edit the post to remove the "fully" part.

I'll be honest, I'm new to this airsoft gig, so an education every now and then in appreciated.

Edited by Groot

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