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A warning about Swaps (and the BT33 Postcode)

This announcement is no longer active


When it comes to Online Airsoft Scams, we find swaps are the routinely the most prolific.

One party will send their gun/gear and the scammer won't. They get a free gun and you're out of pocket.


Please be extra vigilant when doing a Swap with someone.

I'd even go as far to suggest never doing a swap unless it is in person. I recommend trying to meet at an airsoft site.


On a similar note, please be extra wary of anyone using a BT33 postcode.

This isn't to say that everyone from that area is a scammer, far from it, but it's known as the location of one prolific scammer in particular - I won't name him here, but it's easy to find out who. 

Just be very careful and try not to fall for any lies or tricks.





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