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First game on Sunday (4th March)

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So I am off on my first airsoft game on Sunday here - http://www.freefirezone.co.uk/

Any tips and tricks for the day? (apart from take my hits!)

I potentially will be going alone so don't wanna seem the loner in the corner!

I obviously will be renting until I'm registered, is there anything I should take with me, bag of BB's etc...?

Ta Muchly as always

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When you get there, ask for a map. It's a big place



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Just relax,if someone starts shouting at you to push etc its your choice what to do and how you play.i went free fire zone 2 weeks ago an the trees are bare so use cover as much as you can.feel free to talk to other airsofters as they can give you advice and give you a perspective on what aeg to buy.apart from that enjoy the day

i like my guns how i like my women,loud
My ops are so black not even i can see them

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sr-25,we scar h aeg



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if your renting then not alot really, food, drink and some spare cloths/shoes something waterproof. if you have some ammo take it but tbh the sites usualy only bump the ammo price up by a few quid so doesnt make a huge difference

as for blending in quite a few people go alone so there will be plenty of people to talk to at lunch time but during the game you wont worry about it



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Plus airsofters are generally very approachable people, despite how unstable some of them look!

Liam Porter

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Make sure you have boots with ankle support, or they won't let you play.
You get 1700 BBs with your gun hire. You'll probably want to get some more, they're 10 for a bag of 3700 or 15 for two bags.

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