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Assault Vests

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Long time since I last posted one of these topics...
Right guys, a question for you.

I'm looking for a relatively cheap assault vest/plate carrier. Since I don't have an offical 'military' loadout, I'm not fussed if it's worn by any particular army or force. I'm looking for comfort and useability and importantly cheap. And something I can move in too!

I've been looking around, and I've come across this: http://www.actionhob...OD_AUNU2.aspx?0 (this version is the same except it has pouches http://www.actionhob...D_AUNU1.aspx?0)

I've also found this - http://www.actionhob...OD_AUNU4.aspx?0. which I also like the look of (and price wise, I think it may be the best).

What I want to know is - does anyone know anything about these vests/plate carriers? Or, can anyone think of any similar alternatives?
I couldn't find anything on Flecktarn (shame, love using their store)

When in deadly danger, when beset by doubt: run in little circles, wave your arms and shout
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Tristan Orr

Tristan Orr

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Tbh, for that price I would be very surprised if it lasted more then 2months let alone a year! But that is the style of PC im looking at getting. altho Im getting a Smoke green one Im changing me loadout to a UKSF one which is ive been doing research on and found that the Ukairsoftzone has some of the best guides etc out there and the people on it are really friendly!



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I have that exact 6094, bit bulky for my liking, i got it with the pouches, i might just sell the vest alone, so if you want it, shoot me a PM

It seems quite durable, i know a few people who use the tan ones for their SEAL loadouts...

It's ares, it'll be ok...

for 5 minutes :lol:

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This is what I've gotten myself and it's awesome.

Plenty of Molle, plenty of adjustability, good quality, can be converted to a belt rig etc and generally not bad.

It carries all the junk I put on it without complaining and it's got Molle which matches Helikon, Warrior and TAS in terms of fitment (everyone does things slightly differently so a platform that fits all three of those nicely is a bonus in my books).



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Sorry for necro posting, but mainly @Finius, do you have a holster on your rig, or is then anyway you can put a holster on it, when I run my holster on my belt it shakes and wobbles to much and feels like it may fall off, any ideas?



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Try a better holster, lighter gun, and a sturdier belt. :P

Ignoring my own advice I took my 6" infinity out to an urban game the other week. I got more bruises from that digging into my thigh than I did from any amount of point-blank full auto. I want my glock 23F's back bad now...

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