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Newby - Advice on Guns

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Hi Everyone,

Just getting started in airsoft and going to my first skirmish tomorrow night at ucap in portsmouth. Obviously to start with i will just be using a rental gun until i have played for a bit (and got my ukara registration) but then i will be looking to get a RIF of my own.

Basically i wanted to know your opinions on the different manufacturers as i get the impression that Tokyo Marui are the best? but been looking at other makes such as JG and ICS(i think) and wanted to know if these cheaper guns are worth the money or not or really i should be sticking with top name brands?

Any advice or opinions good ro bad welcome here as you guys have used these weapons and know them more than me!





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Welcome to the forums :)

A lot of it is model dependent but imo some JG's can be just as good as the TM's, since JG's are simply clones of them anyways (usually with a hotter fps)

However I wouldn't necessarily put TM at the top, CA, ICS etc are all good and as long as you pay a reasonable price with any brand, you should get what you pay for.

The best thing to do is pick what gun you want, find out which manufacturers make it, then narrow it down by looking at reputation, value for money and reviews.



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Well I am probably going to go for the seriously popular choice whihc is the M4A1 but i would like to get one which is full metal with a ras system so i can go for the handle and scope later on.

Would I be better off getting one which is not all metal and slowly upgrade the gun as i go?

Its so easy to just rush out and spend a fortune when you are starting out.........

Glad to see that there is some positive for the other makes as alot of people tend to slate anything which isnt TM which seems a little harsh to me but i suppose everyone has their favourites!

Thanks for the reply!




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Look for something like a CA sportline m15a4 or an ICS plastic, then add a metal body later on
what's your budget?
I'll add some links in a minute


CA sportline
ICS plastic


How do we get dev to appear, Rub a magic lamp ? :P





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hey. ive found that even some of the really cheap double eagle stuff was good when i started out, they dont have much of a range but still. i have had a JG mp5a4 for a year now and i havent done a thing to it apart from but a better battery and a few mags. i have recently purchased a TM p90 and i have not really noticed any difference in quailty between JG and TM. and ye ive heard that the CA sprotsline are rather nice.

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