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Best place to watch reviews of guns and gear?

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Where do most of you read reviews, look at the gun closer, see the pro's and con's of the gun?

Cause most of the reviews i see are always really poorly done!
Companies obviously just make it look really good by telling you only the pro's. To make you buy it.

And people who have already bought it are just really noobish at making reviews.
Don't know how to explain things properly, don't tell you the important information, FPS, material, range, if it fits you etc etc.

And its got me thinking to make my own reviews and to keep it simple and to the point and telling people of the pro's and the con's.

But obviously with my small collection of guns i am unable to make a large enough library.
So was either considering or suggesting to people. Who would either like to team up together and make videos, or can do it themselves :P

I just want to watch decent reviews online :(



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When I first started I had the same problem, now i don't bother looming for videos andv ask opinions at my site or on forums, at.least that way ypu will get free honest advise..starting to sounds like claims direct :D



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but if you do want to watch vids still, there are some good ones one youtube... jut have to find them :)

but otherwise i always find forums more useful for matters such as this :)

if nothing else helps... simply type something like "good airsoft reveiws" into google.... it gotta come up with something right?



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I just google around a lot, often old forum threads come up in the searches which are always useful.

The problem with this technique is they aren't often too in depth and one bad comment seems to tower over 5-10 comments from people who are happy with their purchase.



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Airsoft GI do really good reviews.... However you have to decypher the Yank crap lol



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The problem you will always find with written reviews is that the bulk of people will only write a review if it is rubbish for instance I'm over the moon with my jg g36c but have not bothered with a review but if it had broke really quick I would have to warn other people. Anything that is mass produced are allways going to have the odd bad one that slips through the net. Problem is they seem to be the only ones you hear about.
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I write gun reviews for my website and there are more youtube videos on the way soon. There aren't many review up there at the moment but I spend alot of time on them and I hope their helpful and informative :) My team is sponsored by a shop (Red 1) which means I can get more guns to review.

Ghost Wolves

Youtube Channel (no gun review videos at the moment but if you subscribe it will tell you one I upload one)

Hope this helped :) as mentioned above Airsoft GI do good reviews
Saxon Airsoft's Youtube Channel:

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