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Best goggles for not fogging

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Carefull with the FMA giggles, the lens will mark and 'dent' check out a video by a French guy in Airsoftpeak
I posted it up before on here, just use search function, it may show up

Let me know how you get on anyway as I can't get ESS or locusts in tan so this was a cheap option

I think you can fit ESS or smiths lens but they need modification

Yeah, I did see that video.

It did make me wonder about them, but the guy had a 400fps rifle with his flash hider right up against the lens, so I would say that would only be extremely rare circumstances.
I'm hoping 350fps from 15ft away should perform better.

A fella called Airsoft mike did another video with a Glock 18 from 6ft and they performed much better. I'll report back anyway, I'll give them a test in the garden before taking them out for a game.

Otherwise I'll go straight to the Bolles.



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I'd place absolutely no trust whatsoever in the lens those goggles come with. 


Produced at minimum cost in a chinese factory with next to no QC.  The reason ESS/Smith/Revision/etc goggles (lenses really) cost a lot of money is because they rigorously test EVERY batch to make sure they do what they need to do.  They then stamp those lenses with the rating they've tested them for and ensure 100% that your goggles will stand up to the abuse you expect.  If they don't, you can sue the manufacturer.


FMA... not so much.  If you consider the cost of the frame, strap, fan, wiring etc... then factor in the Fire-support markup, VAT, shipping cost from china etc I'd be amazed if that lens cost any more than £1.  Would you trust your eyes to a £1 lens?

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If you are looking for cheap bolle I got mine from here http://m.thesafetysu...spectacles.html and they arrived quickly :)



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Coming from paintball scene, most goggles mist or fog up.  Look for ones with a thermal lens they tend to fog up less quickly than other lens.  I have used a motorcycle visor demisting solution on most of the goggles i have used, with the exception of gloop all seem to work ok.


I have used JT, Scott, Empire goggles.


not having used fan assisted goggle i can comment on them.

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I've been using mesh for years now. Don't think I'd ever go back to regular lenses. I've tried loads of goggles including ESS turbofans, and although good, when you add, face protection, helmet and playing indoors, they will still fog in my experience.

I mostly play cqb and often at night, mesh is the equivalent of slightly tinted lenses. I've not had a problem using mesh at night, neither inside or outside, as mentioned, you don't notice it after a few minutes.


Although I use mesh, I still buy decent goggles, ESS, Revision, Arena etc. and then have had mesh installed by 'Bitter End Goggles' (he's in the US, ex matelot, great guy http://bitterendgoggles.com/), or Heroshark (based in the UK, has a facebook page http://heroshark.co.uk/). My goggles have taken plenty of hits, and there's not been any dents or anything untoward occur. 

There's no way I'd ever use any other mesh goggle products, even the ones I see for sale in the UK are too cheap, both looking and monetarily, for me to trust my eyesight to. 



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Wow, all really helpful information. I didn't realise that this was going to get so much back. Thank you ALL for the advise and i will look into some of the options that you have mentioned.


Once again, Thanks everyone :)



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no problem, just remember, what may work for me may not work for you etc,,,,,we are all different :)


Keep us posted on how you get on....



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