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I'm debating with my cousin on what camo we should get. we usually play in a fairly thick woodland environment.
This one looks great I need your opinion too.



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Ghille suit?? I am sorry but really??

If you are in heavy woodland all that ghille suit will snag you on every tree and bush

Due to the average engagment distances in airrsoft you could wear snow camo in a woodland and still blend in (trust me i have seen this done)

Tbh camo is more of a manly fashion statment in airsoft but to start of with just pop down to your local surplus store anmd pick up a pair of British DPMs for cheap to start you off. They work well in a lot of differnt type of woodland in the real world

I know why you are wanting to buy this its due to the sniper mentality that loads of new players have when they start trust me these things just end up dragging you down





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and to continue what he said, every new player wants to be a sniper, trust me ive been there, but you end up wanting to change because you get bored you want to get in the action with a machine gun. so i would advise you away from a ghillie suit. for a british sniper loadout use british dpm (as already advised) and maybe a ghillie hood it covers just your head shoulders and a bit of your back.




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Camo IS useful, but a ghillie suit would just weigh you down. You never need a full suit, instead get a webtex concealment vest then tie strips of old camo trousers and shirts to it, try to avoid black materials. It works just as well, cost half the price and weighs next to nothing in comparison.
Like hazbo and JTA said, get some plainish BDU's for now, even if it isn't C95 that the britizh use. My elder bro bought some swiss alpenflage (rave-o-flage) and it works fine in thick woodland that we play at.

just make sure, when you hide, you hide in foliage that is similar colours to your camo. C95 pattern is good in the UK because it is designed to blend in to OUR scenery and bush-types.

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